How to Choose a Lentry Light Model in 4 Steps

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4 choices will lead you to the best Lentry Light System for your needs.

V-Spec LEDs on standard and extra tall poles alongside the 2200 watt generator.

Lentry Light model numbers explanation
Model numbers tell you everything!

Four main decisions or choices may help you choose which all-terrain, portable Lentry Power and Light System is best for you.

  1. How much power?
  2. Which light?
  3. What height?
  4. How many telescoping poles?

Some decisions will limit other choices; for example, the light or lights chosen can not draw more power all together than the generator offers (900 or 1800 watts).

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How much power do you need?

Choose from these two Honda super-quiet series inverter generators.

Generator Name Max Rated Models
Honda EU1000i 1000W 900W Model numbers that begin with “1”.
If light is all you need, this 1000W (max) generator usually is plenty and runs a long time.
Honda EU2200i 2200W 1800W Model numbers that begin with “2”.
Choose this 2200W (max) generator for extra power or even longer run-times.

“I already have a Honda generator. Can I add legs? Can I make it into a Lentry Lighting System? Do I have to buy the generator?”

If you already have one of these tried and true generators, just order the model you want without the generator. For example, if you have a Honda EU2000i or EU2200i generator, pick one of the models beginning with the number 2 and specify “no generator” when getting prices and placing your order.

Lentry Systems (and the legs, if that is all you want), retrofit to existing Honda EU1000i, EU2000i, EU2200i generators and their international equivalents (10i, 20i...). Contact us if you have a different generator or generator-light-kit.

Which light?

All 6 LENTRY light heads

See table below for light names.

Choose from the following telescoping light heads on Lentry Generator & Light Systems. Their specifications are summarized in the table below.

Many people know whether they want LEDs or halogens in advance, in which case you might want to...

# in photo Draw Lumens Models
V-Star LED 4 240W 20,000 Model numbers with “STAR” in the middle.
V-Spec LED 5 336W 28,000 Model numbers with “SPEC” in the middle.
Models with “-C” near the end include a case to hold the LED head.
2-Headed V-Spec LED 6 336W 56,000 Model 2TWSPX-C only (Largest generator and XT height).
Optup halogen 1 750W 19,600 Model numbers with “OPUP” in the middle.
2-Headed Optup halogen 2 1500W 39,200 Model 2TWHDX only (Largest generator required and XT height).
  • Panorama
  • 3 1500W 35,000 Models 2WIDES or 2WIDEX. Larger generator required.

    Choose the height.

    All Lentry Lights operate without extending the legs or lights, but how high do you want to be able to extend the light? Measurements below are based on the models with their legs and poles fully extended. Choose from standard, XT, or Hi-Lite heights.

    Exception: Model numbers with “X+S” in them have one light head but two poles, one standard and one XT.

    Name Max Height Models
    Standard 3.5 to 4 feet tall Model numbers that end in one or more “S”.
    XT (extra tall) 8.5 to 9 feet tall Model numbers that end in one or more “X”.
    Hi-Lite 13 feet tall Models that end in “H”.
    Ken measures standard height model 1STARS

    A tape measure is held next to standard height model 1STARS

    Choose the number of telescoping lights.

    Thanks to efficient lights, Lentry Light Towers include models with 1-3 lights each. The total draw from the lights can not exceed the rated wattage of the model’s generator (either 900W or 1800W). Models have one, two or three telescoping lights, or one 2-Headed light.

    All lights offered on Lentry Light Systems are very bright, as seen here. To prove how bright the LED lights are, we were able to measure the coverage area each lit. Often, customers have found that just one light is enough, but many like multiple lights on one system as each light can be aimed in a different direction.

    Models. The end of each model number--the S, SS, X, XX, XXX, H--shows the quantity of lights and poles and height of poles.

    • Model numbers ending with one S, X or H have a single telescoping Standard, XT or Hi-Lite height light respectively.
    • Model numbers ending in SS or XX have dual Standard or XT lights.
    • Model numbers ending in XXX have triple XT lights.
    • Exception: Model numbers ending in “X+S-C” have just one light head but two poles! Move the LED between either standard or XT pole (and protect it with a case).

    More help

    There are several brochures available for download which might help you further.

    Please contact us if you have questions or need help. We are always happy to hear from you and we can help figure out the right model for your needs and budget.

    Open spec sheet (PDF file) Lentry Cases for V-Spec LEDs flyer (PDF file)

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