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Nighttime view of brush burning fan

“They make three days’ work into one.” ~ BW of Wm. Winkler Construction, a concrete contractor in Spokane, WA who uses Ventry® Fans for slash burning.

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Ventry® Fans are great for brush and slash burning!

Brush fans, also called slash burning fans and fire fans, are used to accelerate the burning of landscape debris, leaves, branches, slash piles, and other yard/organic matter/waste. In many areas, fans are now required for burning, as they make the burning cleaner and faster.

Several features make Ventry Fans ideal for brush burning, including:

Fan running at neutral, on uneven ground, aimed at the brush pile (facing left)

Thanks to former colleague Michelle for these brush fan action photos!

  • Legs allow Ventry Fans to be raised above and avoid intake of debris, dirt and other hazards.
  • Legs straddle scene clutter, branches and other obstacles, allowing stable setup and ideal placement of the fan.
  • Legs may be adjusted and locked at any position, allowing aiming of the air stream up, down or otherwise. (Note: Max tilt angle with GX Honda motors is 20º; at that point, the low-oil shut off protection will shut down the motor.)
  • Propeller shape: The curve of the aircraft-style propeller creates a very narrow cone of air, with a very focused flow and consistent airstream quality. Ventry Fans may be placed quite a distance from the burn and can be aimed very precisely, right where you need the airflow.
Bittersweet. We are often called by contractors interested in getting 4 or more fans for large brush burning and clearing projects. Once they get a Ventry Fan, however, they find one fan does the whole job.

The most popular Ventry Fans for brush burning are models 24GX160 and 24GX200, due to the longer 24-inch propeller, long run times, and benefits that come with the GX-series engine. Wheels can be added and allow one person to easily transport and setup the fan where needed. We recommend choosing the Medium Flat-Free Wheels & Skids, as they are great for the rough terrain where debris is often covering the ground.

One customer who first used Ventry Fans as a firefighter and now uses them for burning, told us that the GX-series Honda engines are not only long-lived and reliable, but the sensitive throttle control is terrific for burn fans. It allows him to throttle the fan way down at the beginning to get things started, then gradually bring it up to accelerate the burning.

We are repeatedly told by customers that one Ventry Fan does the work of several fans and the investment pays off quickly.

Brush Burning Video

This is a short compilation of videos showing Ventry Fans being used to accelerate the burning of landscape debris.

Fans used for this purpose are sometimes called brush burner fans or slash burning fans. If you have other names, please tell us. Thank you!

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