Videos - PPV Fans

2 demos at once, including one portable, all-terrain PPV fan.2 Demos at Once. A Ventry® PPV Fan is deployed by Joan while Chris deploys a Lentry® Portable Scene Lighting System. Also watch the time lapse 2-Demos-in-5-Seconds video showing set up and take down of both units.

Pregnant woman demonstrates a PPV FanPregnant woman demos fan with legs. Joan demonstrates how to deploy a Ventry® Fan, extending its legs, and then how to put it away again, all while 9 months pregnant!

Ventry Propeller safety demonstrationPropeller safety demonstration/test. See what happens to James, who’s standing next to a Ventry PPV Fan when, at full RPM, the fan is jousted with a firefighting pike pole.

Free-flow guard demoOpen/Free-flow guards. Hear noise decrease and see CFM increase as a pseudo solid shroud is removed from a Ventry Fan.

PPV Fan blow-off video from customerBlow-Off between PPVs. Customer’s video of a face-to-face blow-off between Ventry Fan and a much larger competitor.

Brush burning fans video compilationBrush Burning Fans. Compilation of three short videos showing Ventry Fans in use as stump fans.

Experts talk about the UL FSRI ventilation studyUL PPV Test Discussion. Experts in the fire service talk about the UL study in this Fire Engineering “Humpday Hangout - Focus on Training” and how the study will affect their operations.

20EM3550 Model 20EM3550 walkabout. 360 degree video.

20GX160 Model 20GX160 walkabout. 360 degree video.

20GX200 Model 20GX200 walkabout. 360 degree video.

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