Testimonials from Lentry Light Users

In making a decision about the safety equipment you choose, it can really help to hear from those with direct experience. Thanks to all who share their experiences with us regarding Lentry® Light Systems. ~ Joan Rodman, Communications

“We have this same [Lentry] unit in Vinita Oklahoma and use it on nearly every fire and extrication and absolutely love it as well as the two Ventry Fans we carry.” ~ Kevin W. (Comment on our Facebook album showing Lentry System in use.) Standing in the water during a structure fire but still lighting the scene.

During a post-sale follow-up call, Joan reached Chief Campbell in Pennsylvania. She asked him how the Lentry Lights were working for him and then started typing his eloquent response:

“It arrived in good condition and went to work the day after on a severe motor vehicle accident. There’s always a dark side. No matter how much lighting you have, there’s always a dark side. It was 4 am, a severe accident, we went to the dark side. And we Illuminated the dark side [with the Lentry unit]. . . We got [model 2OPUPS], anticipating having electricity to spare for sawz all etc. That’s exactly what we were able to do. … We also wanted it for illuminating personnel when we do traffic control. A couple days later, another severe accident. We had to shut the road down for several hours and illuminate. The result was 100% better safety. Maybe we could’ve gotten [something comparable] elsewhere, but we chose this one because it could set on uneven ground, and it raises up instead of illuminating from the ground surface. We are able to illuminate from about shoulder height [with their standard height model]. We have found that to be beneficial. We are very satisfied with the product at this time.

“It went to work within 48 hours and it’s done everything we anticipated it would. We are very pleased with how smart we were for choosing it.”

The gentleman’s response when Joan called the West Ridge FD in Erie, Pennsylvania to ask how their trial on a Lentry Light System was going:

“The check’s in the mail. It took all of 30 seconds to demo it and decide we needed it.”

Photo courtesy of St. Francis Xavier Fire in Canada
Photo courtesy of B. Bailie and the St. Francis Xavier Fire Department (MB, Canada).

Deputy Chief Brian Bailie, formerly of the St. Francois Xavier Fire Department in St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba, Canada, commented on his experiences in using the two Lentry Light Systems he secured for his department. In an email, he wrote...

“...Makes me wish these units were around for most of my career life. I can think of many a call where we would have pinched ourselves to have had them. Our Lentry light gen/sets are continually in use whether on drill nights,on ice/water rescue responses, or during structural firefighting operations, or even just charging portable radio batteries on scene, their many uses are virtually limitless, and life as a result is so much easier and safer for our members. One would never regret having them supporting you.”

Chief Bailie shared several photos from the scene of a motor vehicle accident. The wreck and recovery efforts were far from the road. The department’s two dual, telescoping scene lights provided crucial lighting where otherwise it would have been extremely dark. The victim was too far from the road for the truck lights to be effective.

Bob, a Firefighter in Iowa, told Joan over the phone that the Lentry unit with the Panorama light his fire department purchased, “paid for itself the first night.” A semi had gone off the road near a bridge, toward the water. They set their Lentry unit up on the hill and it lit the whole scene.

Bob’s story reminded me of an encounter I had at FDIC one year. A group of first responders had walked by and one of them instantly recognized the potential of the Lentry Light. He pointed at the Lentry Lights in our booth and exclaimed, “We needed that last night!”

The group stopped and told me how they had responded to a motorcycle accident in which the cyclist had come to rest at the bottom of a very steep ravine. With no way to light the scene so far from the road and down the steep hill, rescue had been delayed as fire fighters made their way in the dark to the victim.

“If we’d had that,” the man said out loud, “we could have set it up on the side of the hill at the top, aimed it down, and lit the whole area!”

“The [Lentry] system was delivered in a timely manner and works great. We used it for training one night and was very pleased with the amount of light it produces. We had an engine and a squad set about 40 ft apart and had plenty of light to carry out operations as well as light the building we were training on. We ended up taking out the little jump seat in the back of the suburban, and mounting it to the floor on the passenger side. [...] Your product is great and every time we set it up someone always comments how nice it works. Thanks again, and great products.” ~ Assistant Chief in Glen Haven, Colorado. (Received by email.)

“We assembled the units and they look great. I am impressed with how sturdy the assemblies are, much more than I anticipated [...] I just wanted you to know what a pleasure it was working with you and I hope to do additional business with you in the future.” ~ Sergeant with the Crime Scene Unit of a County Sheriff’s Office (Received by email.)

A while after delivering several 1000-watt Lentry Light Systems to an EMS unit in Idaho, the representative from Santiam Emergency Equipment told Joan, “They love their [Lentry units]. Took their huge generator off the truck and use it as station backup. It used to take three guys to unload the thing.” (Received by email.)