Alternative to Tow-Behind Light Towers

Courtesy KB Trade GmbH - Photos of Lentry System lighting a maintenance crew as they move along railroad tracks at night.

animation showing multiple LENTRY Light photos

For those who work outside, at night, year-round, nothing improves safety and makes the job easier than good lighting!

If work lights are insufficient but big tow-behind light towers are too much, Lentry® Light Towers might be just right for you. Compare specs on all models here.

For commercial and industrial temporary lighting needs, tow-behind trailer-mounted generators with halogen or metal halide lights on masts (which are also referred to as light plants or diesel light towers) have been a common and popular option. Unfortunately, they can be impractical due to their cost and limitations in aiming, movement, setup, storage, and time.

On the other hand, Lentry Lights...

True story. A utility customer mentioned to us how helpful it was that their Lentry Light was so quiet. They could do their work in residential areas without drawing attention and were able to aim precisely, as needed, so they did not shine light into people’s homes. What other customers say...
  • can be transported by one person, since they do not require a truck to tow a trailer;
  • are more portable, with all-terrain legs to allow quick and easy set up and ideal placement;
  • are instant on, instant off, and require no cool-down time;
  • need minimal manpower and are more convenient (and versatile) than conventional/common light towers;
  • can be stored almost anywhere, since the entire system easily retracts and breaks down;
  • can be left on the truck for quick and easy access (see customer example);
  • can be used road-side, from in the truck bed, or off-road and at remote locations;
  • are fuel-efficient and will run for many hours before needing fuel (compare models here);
  • are quiet and do not interfere with communications (they do not draw attention, cause alarm, keep crews awake when lighting base camps, or bother homeowners);
  • can rotate completely around and aim up and down, allowing complete aiming control without illuminating houses, and blinding approaching traffic;
  • offer high value through reasonable cost and high quality, versatility, efficacy and longevity; and
  • are bright! FAQ: How bright are they?
Click to enlarge. 3 all-terrain LENTRY Lights set up off-road

Due to their all-terrain legs and telescoping lights, Lentry Lights work great off-road and on unpaved, steep sites where conditions are not perfect.

Lighting recovery efforts, compliments of Mahugh Fire and Columbia Bolster Towing (Montana)

Wreckers recover an overturned crane in Montana by the light of a 240W LED (model 1STARS). Photo courtesy of Mahugh Fire and Columbia Bolster Towing (Montana). More customer photos here.

Lighting a train wreck during clean-up. Courtesy of M&M Wrecker Service (Missouri)
Lighting a train wreck during clean-up. Courtesy of M&M Wrecker Service (Missouri)

Above: lighting recovery efforts along a rail road. Photos courtesy of M&M Wrecker Service (Missouri)

For these reasons, Lentry Lights have begun to replace tow-behind light towers and generator-lights for many in fire/rescue, those doing recovery work, law enforcement, utilities, public works, infrastructure, disaster preparedness, construction, transportation and other fields.

Contact us at Ventry Solutions so we can we can help you find the right Lentry Light model for your temporary lighting needs.

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