“We got the St. Cloud light order today and just want to let you know that I’m very impressed with the amount of care that your products receive when being packaged. Things aren’t just put into a box and shipped, they are packaged properly to ensure that they arrive in the best condition possible, very professional!” ~ Kirk Peterson of Core & Main (MN)

Shipping costs vary, depending on what is being shipped, quantity, and shipping destination. Please contact us for shipping prices or a quote.

Our products are assembled to your specifications upon order and ship direct from the factory in Hauser, Idaho, via UPS Ground, usually within 3 business days of receipt of order. For large orders or if parts are on backorder, we may need a little longer. Fans and generators may not be shipped by air.

Damage in Shipping

Despite best efforts (and boxes built like Fort Knox), sometimes damage occurs during shipping. If this occurs with a VSI product, we will do our best to minimize the inconvenience to you and get your shipment fixed!


  • Take photos immediately of any damaged products and packaging;
  • Keep all damaged boxes. UPS sometimes requests additional information/photos (which can be easily gathered when the boxes have not been broken down); and
  • Contact us, so we can make it right.

Time in Transit

This map shows the approximate number of days it takes to ship to USA destinations from our location in Hauser, Idaho via UPS Ground, not including the day UPS picks up the package, holidays, or weekends.

Time in transit map, courtesy of