All-Terrain Legs

Ventry Fans are the PPV fans with legs.
24-inch VENTRY PPV Fan set up in snow and ready to go

24-inch Ventry Fan set up in the snow and ready to go.

To show how easy it is, while 9 months pregnant, Joan demonstrates the ppv fan.

Video shows how easy it is to use the legs on a Ventry Fan.

Courtesy of Battalion Chief A.Arnaalich: PPV Fan set up on stairs.

Photo received 2014.05.19 from European Battalion Chief who explained: “Earlier this afternoon, kitchen fire. Try to set any other fan in that entrance door, if you can.”

Posted with permission of the photographer, JP Miklovic.

Photo courtesy JP Miklovic, taken of a fire department PPV training done by QDCIP Fire, LLC, (Ohio).

All Ventry® Fans have three outward curving, solid aluminum legs, giving them all-terrain capabilities which aid greatly with firefighting and positive pressure ventilation (PPV), brush burning, and other industrial applications.

  • Legs lock and adjust independently, with the turn of a knob, to allow fast, accurate aiming and infinite tilt angles without cribbing.
  • Legs are easy to use (watch video).
  • Legs allow aiming of air stream over common obstacles (porches, stairs, snow), into elevated or awkward openings, and even down into holes.
  • Legs straddle scene and job site debris, clutter, hose, and other obstacles.
  • Legs stand solid on uneven terrain like landscaping, hills, sand, snow, mud, and stairs.
  • Legs allow fan placement off the main path, off to the side, safely out of the way of crew and equipment.
  • Legs prevent the fan from sucking up and plugging or ejecting debris into the air stream.
  • Legs increase CFM by getting the propeller off the ground so it’s not trying to pull air out of the dirt!
  • Legs raise the fan within easy, natural reach of the operator.
  • Legs are asymmetrical, engineered to balance the forces of the engine and propeller evenly, without walking or rotating.
  • Legs contribute to overall geometry of air stream parallel to the ground for better ventilation.
  • Legs are made from solid aircraft-grade aluminum; they are engineered for strength, not bulk.
  • Legs retract for easy transport and small storage size.
  • Legs should always be extended when in use, for longevity and performance.

Ventry Fans have always been all-terrain, standing solidly on uneven ground to overcome obstacles and aim exactly where you need, regardless of spring puddles, summer grass, fall leaves, or winter snow.

TRUE STORY. Fire fighters were using a conventional fan during ventilation training and, from the Charlie side, noticed that very little air was exiting the structure. They checked on the fan and found that it had sucked in leaves from all around it, in a 15-foot radius, and was plugged--because it was on the ground. That won’t be a problem with their new Ventry Fan! ~ As told by Fire Fighter Purk in Oak Harbor, Ohio
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