All-Terrain Legs

Independently adjustable legs allow Lentry Lighting Systems to be placed where needed

Top left (above): Lentry Lighting System Model 2OPUPS with the rear leg retracted to keep the generator level while standing on the side of a hill.
Bottom right (above): James standing next to Lentry Utility Lighting System Model TWSPX-SS-C34/C50 with the legs fully extended (case not shown).

No matter the model, legs on Lentry Lighting Systems:

  • Are easy and fast to set up and position;
  • Let you place the system right where you need it, no matter the terrain or obstacles; and
  • Retract and compact down for transport and storage in small compartments.

Traditional Lentry Lighting Systems (with power)

  • Three patented, solid aircraft-grade aluminum legs; they are engineered for strength, not bulk.
  • Outward curving legs which lock at any point along their full length, provide a large footprint for stable, solid operation on steep hills, snow, and brush.
  • Legs extend with a turn of a knob, raising the generator within easy reach of operator, then retract close to the generator when not in use, protecting your investment.
  • Even without extending the legs, they lift the generator a few inches, preventing intake of sand, dirt, dust, and water into the generator’s cooling and electrical systems.

Lentry Utility Lighting Systems (without power):

  • Four extra-long, telescoping legs that provide a large footprint for stable, solid operation.
  • Kick release allows for easy leg positioning and retracting, while legs extend with a push of a button.

Without the legs (and telescoping lights), imperfect terrain (hills, snow, mud, rocks, water, sand, debris, retaining walls, steep banks...) and tall grass would render other systems useless. Legs also add tremendous functionality to your lighting system. An example of this occurred at our local fire department one winter.

TRUE STORY. Our local fire department fought a house fire in winter. James (Deputy Chief at the time, now Chief) set up their Lentry System on the Charlie side and forgot about it. The back side of the house was lit up all night long without anyone needing to think about it. At one point, James noticed that the much of the water firefighters had been dumping on the house all night was running down the hill, so the Lentry Light was standing in an unanticipated river! If they’d had a fixed light system sitting on the ground, it would have failed and been ruined hours before.

It only takes one time, one urgent incident at which the terrain or manpower or location are limited, one time and you’ll know you've made a wise investment for superior safety of your crew.

Scene light and generator standing in the river of water

Lentry Light standing in the river of water coming off the house. Read the story here.

Along with all-terrain capabilities afforded by their legs, portable Lentry Lights have other advantages over popular portable area and work lights.