All-Terrain Scene Light Saves Itself

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All-terrain Lentry Light, model 2OPUPX, at house fire. Winter 2014.

This photo was taken by our CEO James, who is also Deputy Chief of our local fire department of the department's Lentry Light Tower (which are also referred to as emergency scene lights, portable generator lights, and other things).

This Lentry Light, high-output halogen model 2OPUPX, was deployed by our local fire fighters during a terrible house fire in the wintertime. It was set up quickly on a nice, dry spot where it could light two sides of the structure at once. Indeed, from its out-of-the-way position on the property’s edge, it ran quietly all through the night and lit the back and side of the home. It was not until hours after deployment that James had a chance to check on it. He found it standing in the river of water streaming off the house.

Without the legs on the Lentry Light, the generator would have been ruined a few minutes after firefighting efforts began! Read more benefits of legs.

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