Diesel Injection for Brush / Slash Pile Burning Fans

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Does Ventry make a diesel injection system?

No, we do not, because such a system would have inherently serious safety issues!

Ventry Fans will help you burn brush FAST, without injecting diesel fuel into the fire!

We are often asked by customers whether we offer or sell a method by which to inject a mist of diesel fuel into the air stream of our Ventry® Fans to accelerate burning, but we do not. In fact, we are not aware of any company that makes such a device because it is so unsafe. We do make a Misting Ring for cooling and other applications, but it is definitely not for diesel injection.

The good news is that our fans do an amazing job of burning brush without the help of accelerants like diesel. The narrow air stream really aims the air well, you can set them super far back, they stand solid on uneven ground and straddle obstacles, and they move a LOT of air fast using relatively very little horsepower. They’re really quite impressive for brush burning, as they are for fire fighting. In fact, often times our brush burning customers who initially inquire about multiple fans find that one does the job just fine. That’s not great for sales, but it’s great for our customers!

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