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Photos compare lighting options for Linemen

Photos by local linemen: They tested safety lighting solutions during overhead pole work and trench work. Photos compare headlights, spotlight, and Lentry® Portable Lighting.

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Electric Utility Lineman doing pole work while safely lit by an all-terrain LENTRY Light

Lentry LED light coverage area measured

We are constantly being asked: "How big of an area does one Lentry® Light cover?" Well, we have finally measured the coverage area of both our V-Star and V-Spec LED lights and can give accurate measurements. Trust us, they are bright!

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Testing the brightness of Lentry LED lights

Lentry Lights make quick work of nighttime repairs

See how Lentry Light Systems with a single LED help utility companies see and be safer when having to work at night.

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Lentry Light System 2SPECX lighting road work at night

The Switch from 2000W to 2200W Honda generators

All Lentry® Light Systems shown with 2000-watt generators now come with 2200W generators.

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All Lentry Light Systems shown with 2000-watt generators now come with 2200W generators

FDIC International Exhibitor Showcase: All-Terrain Emergency Scene Lighting

This short video, taken in our booth during a busy expo, stars James who sums up a few of the biggest benefits of Lentry® Portable Lighting Systems.

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Lentry Emergency Scene Lights are introduced in-the-booth at Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) International

Lighting Solution for Night Crews & Construction

Night projects of all kinds (construction, roads, utilities, communications, roofing, repair and maintenance), in all ranges of urgency, need All-Terrain Lentry® Portable Lights, with telescoping light heads and all-terrain legs. Imagine this crew at night, working on a broken water main. How badly they would need one of our lights!

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If this happened at night, a LENTRY LIGHT would be absolutely invaluable!

Stand-Alone Lighting for Sports like Soccer

Self contained, stand-alone area lighting systems called Lentry® Systems can extend the playing and practice times for team sports and events which occur during the fall and winter when sunlight is short.

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Remote area field light, lighting a soccer field

All-Terrain Scene Light Saves Itself

This is the story of a portable scene lighting system which saved its own life, thanks to all-terrain legs.

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All-Terrain Scene Light Saves Itself

Don’t Judge a Light by its Wattage!

In the context of portable scene lighting, don’t judge a light by the watts! Efficient lights can not be quantified in this way. Watts equal energy draw, not light emission!

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240 watt portable LED 1STARX, lights the arena of the Therapeutic Riding Center of Huntington Beach (CA). 20,000 lumens! Photo courtesy TRCHB.

How bright are Lentry Lights?

Lentry Lights — How bright are they? Avoid wattage when comparing lighting solutions! Here we provide helpful photos and first-hand experiences.

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Construction site illuminated by one Lentry LED Light System