Lentry LED light coverage area measured

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Testing the coverage area of each LED light.

Testing the brightness of LEDs during a cool evening.

We can talk until we are blue in the face about how bright the lights are on Lentry® Lighting Systems. We can also show various pictures we have taken and ones our valued dealers and customers have sent in. All give a good idea, but we still couldn't prove the size of area one light would cover (20x30 feet, 50x50 meters, etc.). Well, we did it. We were finally able to take some pictures with markers to prove just how bright Lentry Lights are. Kind of.

Now this is no easy feat. Our lights are so bright that we needed an area big enough to accurately measure. What place would have the right size? At first, we thought of the local high school football field; they are already marked and everyone knows what they look like and how big they are. Come to find out, they are not big enough. Then came the brilliant idea of an airport runway. Surely that is big enough! Well, asking an airport to stop flights coming and going for a couple hours is pretty much impossible, but what about their taxiway? James talked to our local airport and after much planning, he was granted approval to use their taxiway for a couple hours to try and measure the area Lentry LED Lights cover. Our cameras still do not accurately portray the brightness of the lights (they are brighter than what is shown), but we believe these give a really good idea.

Two models were tested (1STARX and 1SPECX), each consisting of a 1000W generator, single LED light, and XT height pole. While both easily lit an area 200 meters long by 100 meters wide, each had slight differences.

The first picture is of Lentry Model 1SPECX and believe it or not, the light was turned on. The camera flash was also on and somehow each canceled out the other. This actually worked in our favor as it shows just how dark it was when the other two pictures were taken. Can you see the building on the right and the plane on the left? No? You will soon...

Lentry Light picture taken with flash

Below is Lentry Model 1SPECX again, but this time the camera flash is turned off. As you can see, markers are set up every 50 meters and we have labeled each marker out to 200 meters (even though markers were set up all he way out to 400 meters). Per James, you could see vehicles past the 200 meter marker, but could not see details and it wasn't bright enough for someone to work that far away from the light. Click the picture to enlarge.

The light of Lentry Model 1SPECX being measured

The last picture is of Lentry Model 1STARX. The same markers are labeled, but now we have the addition of a person standing at the 200 meter spot. This image accurately portrays how the majority of the light from the V-Star LED is directly in front of the unit (notice how the yellow line has disappeared?). Click the picture to enlarge.

The light of Lentry Model 1STARX being measured

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