A Ventry Fan assists with land clearing

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Ventry Fans help brush piles burn hotter and cleaner

The legs on Ventry Fans allow the fan to be lifted above dirt and debris that is often covering the ground.

Helping to comply with the social distancing recommendation during the COVID-19 outbreak, half of our crew members went outside to burn some brush that had been building up around the property. Why not also take some pictures to show our fans in action?

The brush was split into a couple piles, allowing us to show how well a Ventry® Fan helps burn slash piles hotter, cleaner, and faster. Due to the efficiency of the all-terrain legs (included on all Ventry Fans), the fan was able to be lifted above the ground debris while the air was aimed at the heart of the fire by not fully extending the front two legs. When running any Ventry Fan, we suggest extending the legs a minimum of 6 inches, so dirt and debris are not sucked up into the fan.

When we started to burn the first pile, the fan was set at the closest distance we felt was safe. As you can see in the second picture, we had to pull the fan back as the fire started burning hotter than anticipated.

Ventry Fans help brush piles burn hotter and cleaner

Ventry Fan Model 24GX160 with the optional Medium Flat-Free Wheels is one of the most popular fans for brush burning.

Ventry Fans can be set far back from the burn pile due to the safety propeller

Ventry Safety Propellers create such a tight cone of air, that the fan can be placed far back from the burn pile and still be extremely effective.

The second pile burned much the same way - really hot and really quick.

Starting a brush pile burning with a Ventry Fan

Ventry Fans make quick work of a slash pile.

Ventry Fans burn slash piles hotter and cleaner

With the fan on full throttle, the slash pile burns very clean with hardly any smoke.

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