Lighting Crime Scenes

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Aiming over the edge, lighting search efforts. Photo courtesy of QDCIP Fire, LLC (Ohio)

Lentry Light model 2SPECX makes search efforts easier as it shines from above. Extra tall models are recommended for scene investigation, though any height and any single light head model will be a vast improvement over conventional remote lighting. Photo courtesy of QDCIP Fire, LLC.

While invented for fire and rescue applications (emergency scenes), portable Lentry Lighting Systems are used in many industries to light dynamic sites, including crime scenes.

Lentry Lights have many features that make them a wise investment and an indispensable tool for crime scene investigation, including:

  • Instant-on, turning night into day;
  • Instant-off, meaning no cool-down time when done;
  • One person deployment and take-down;
  • Entire system retracts and breaks down to fit in the trunk (or any small compartment);
  • Easy, intuitive operation;
  • Self-contained (no cords to run or batteries to charge);
  • Long run-times (compare specs); and
  • Legs let you put the remote area light wherever needed (side of a hill, under a bridge, in the snow, tall grass, etc).

One Lentry Light can make the difference between a long, unsuccessful night and investigation success. It sets up in seconds. It lights the whole area. It turns night into day which reduces stress and fatigue for investigators and increases safety for all by helping everyone on site see and be seen.

As seen in the pictures below from Meade County Emergency Management, one Lentry Light can take the place of multiple flashlights or work lights. They also replace large, tow-behind light towers, especially in the rough terrain where the tow-behind lights cannot reach. Pull it out of the trunk, place it wherever is best (no matter how much debris is on the ground), start it up and forget it--until you're done or the sun is up, whichever is first. When you’re done, back it goes into the trunk, on call for the next scene. Contact us for more information.

Photos used with permission. Click to enlarge.

A Lentry Light allows rescue crews to search a partially submerged vehicle in the dark.

Lentry Light Model 2TWSPX-C34 assists with search and rescue efforts after a car was found partially submerged.

A 2-Headed LED Lentry Light allows rescue crews to search the area of a partially submerged vehicle.

A 2-Headed V-Spec LED Lentry System allows everyone to see and keeps everyone safe during search and rescue efforts.

A Lentry Lighting System allows everyone to see and be safe while hooking up a partially submerged vehicle to be pulled out of the water.

Everyone is kept safe with the assistance of a Lentry LED while they hook up a partially submerged vehicle to tow it out of the water.

Your work has enough risks. Make sure you can see.

As seen in Evidence Technology magazine as crime scene investigation tools

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