Telescoping Lights

Ken extends the 2-headed V-Spec LED on a LENTRY Light.

Ken extends the 2-Headed V-Spec LED

Training night: all 6 light heads provide sufficient light by which to read a newspaper from 300 feet away.

How bright are they?

(See our FAQ for photos.) During a staff training one dark evening, we tested the lights and determined that each one of the six lights provided plenty of light by which to reach a newspaper from 300 feet away.

All Lentry® Light System models feature one of six different light heads. All of them are exceptionally bright, robust, efficient lights which are made in the USA and proven to meet the needs of industrial clients with applications in demanding fields like military, emergency, transportation, public works and disaster preparedness.

Every aspect of these lights—from the shapes and surfaces of the lamp heads to the knobs, poles, wiring and protective guards—has been optimized for quality, performance, durability and adaptability.

Light heads rotate and bend forward and back

The light heads are all articulated, rotate, and telescope up/down.

Benefits of the Lights on all Lentry models:

  • Lentry Lights are flood lights and spot lights in one, so bright and easy to use that they are practical for lighting one person or a whole site.
  • Lentry Lights, both halogens and LEDs, are very, very bright and efficient. High output using minimal energy is the best value for our customers.
    (Do not be misguided by the low wattage of these lights! Note the output (lumens) of each. How bright are they? During in-house testing at VSI one night, each of the lights was sufficient by which to read a newspaper when standing over 300 feet away.)
  • All Lentry light heads are articulated to rotate all the way around (or more) and bend far forward and back. The versatility afforded by aiming the lights in any direction without repositioning the whole unit greatly speeds deployment and increases control.
  • All lights operate atop telescoping poles which raise them up and down to a variety of heights (crucial for large scene and distance lighting).
  • Many users leave the light and pole connected at all times but all Lentry light heads may be separated from the pole in a few seconds with the Quick Release installed, or in a few minutes with a hex key.
  • The ability of Lentry Lights to aim in any direction, move up and down, and be redirected without repositioning the whole system greatly increases control, function, and value with relatively little additional cost over conventional close-to-the-ground generator lights and much less expense common generator light towers.
  • Lentry Light models are available with multiple lights and 2-headed lights which allow one Lentry Light model to do the job of several lights at once.
The 3 LEDs

The 3 LEDs, from left to right: V-Star, V-Spec, 2-Headed


Lentry Light System LEDs include the brightest and most efficient, most rugged industrial LEDs available today. All three provide simultaneous spot and flood lighting and are so low wattage that the generator can often run additional tools at the same time. Other benefits include instant-on at full intensity; instant-off (no cool-down time needed); bright, white light (similar to sunlight); long run-times; and low operating temperatures. Their longevity, reliability, low maintenance, and solid state electronics (no bulbs to burn out) make Lentry LED Lighting Systems popular. These commercial duty LEDs must be seen to be believed! Photos of them in action and lumens ratings do not do them justice.

The 3 halogens

The 3 halogens, from left to right: Optup, 2-Headed Optup, Panorama


Halogen Lentry Lights provide a somewhat softer and warmer (relatively yellow) light compared to LEDs. They are affordable, reliable and boast output comparable to higher-wattage metal halides.

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Options that increase value

Several optional accessories make the telescoping lights on Lentry Light Systems multi-purpose, thereby increasing their function and value. Get even more for your money!