How bright are Lentry Lights?

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To try and answer that question, this page has photos and first-hand accounts of Lentry® Lights.


These views provide a sense of the large area lit by one Lentry Light with one V-Spec LED. These are of the same construction site from 3 different perspectives, shown before and after a Lentry Light is turned on.

These are unedited images. Click any image to enlarge. (The first 6 images are courtesy of KB Trade GmbH in Zurich, Switzerland.)



Lentry Light OFF, site 1 Lentry Light ON, site 1
Lentry Light OFF, site 2 Lentry Light ON, site 2
Lentry Light OFF, site 3 Lentry Light ON, site 3

Light for maintenance crew, courtesy Wheeling & Lake Eerie Railway. Click to enlarge.

These three photos are shared courtesy of Wheeling & Lake Eerie Railway (Ohio, USA). Their Lentry Light Tower model 2SPECX, also with one V-Spec LED, works well for them as they do track maintenance.

Below are Before and After photos. Click the image to see a larger view.

Light for maintenance crew, courtesy Wheeling & Lake Eerie Railway. Click to enlarge.
Portable LED tower, Lentry Model 1STARX, lights the arena of the Therapeutic Riding Center of Huntington Beach (CA). This light is 20,000 lm but only 240W. Photo courtesy TRCHB.

The photo at right, courtesy of Therapeutic Riding Center of Huntington Beach (California, USA), also shows brightness well. In it, Lentry Light Tower model 1STARX, with the 20,000-lumen V-Star LED, is quietly lighting the whole riding arena. This unit has made it possible for TRCHB to continue therapy long into the winter evenings.

WARNING: Do not judge the output of a light by its wattage!

See also: Lentry LED light coverage area measured.

Our First-Hand Experience

Two personal anecdotes follow which may help you understand how bright Lentry Lights are.

2OPUPH lighting our parking lot in 2014

Lighting our parking lot with model 2OPUPH. (Photo taken from about 100 feet away.)

In-house training. One winter evening, our staff tried and tested the light heads we offer (halogens and LEDs). While this was our opportunity to witness how bright the lights truly are for ourselves, we knew we needed to do something that would help us convey the brightness while talking to someone on the phone or via email. Our previous colleague Joan grabbed a piece of paper with tiny print from the recycle bin and ran as far away as she could before disappearing over a hill, out of sight of the lights. She was approximately 300 feet away and was able to read the form easily by the light of each one of our lights on its own...

From 300 feet away, a newspaper could be read with the 750W Optup; the 20,000-lumen V-Star LED; the V-Spec LED (which was 20,000 lumens at the time but is now 40% brighter at 28,000 lumens); or the 1500W Panorama.
2OPUPX lighting our parking lot in 2014

Click for more photos of this photo shoot (public Facebook album; no log-in necessary)

Photos from the Raiload: James and Joan took a little field trip to a railroad refueling depot to take pictures of our temporary lighting systems in action (view album). Most of the models photographed have changed cosmetically since then, but their output/performance has not. For example, our V-Spec LED stunned us! (At the time it was 20,000 lumens; today it is 28,000 lumens.) It lit a row of 6 railroad cars, each 50 feet long: 300 linear feet. The railroad cars were black so they didn’t seem very bright in the resulting photos; however, they were well lit in real life. To the naked eye, not manipulated by a camera, it absolutely lit up the whole line of cars! It was more than impressive.

See more in-action shots of the portable lighting systems here.

See also our FAQ on where Lentry Lights fall on the lighting solution spectrum.

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