Where do Lentry Light Towers fall along the spectrum?

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Lentry Lights are not “gas-powered flashlights” or expensive personal work lights, nor are they adequate for lighting a stadium! Rather, they fill the need in between those extremes, falling halfway between flashlights and tow-behind light towers.

Visualize the continuum with flashlights on one end and stadium lights on the other:

Not bright enough?
Flashlight too little?

Just right!
When flashlights aren't enough and tow-behind lights are too much, a LENTRY Light is just right.

Too difficult?
trailer-mounted light too much?

Uses for Lentry Light Towers are endless, as they can light one person—like a flagger—or an entire scene—like a criminal investigation, a search and rescue operation, a DUI check point, a section of the border, etc.

How bright are they? We can confidently assert that a newspaper could be read at 300 feet away with ANY of the six light heads we offer! To prove this, we were able to measure the coverage area lit by our LED lights.

There are 2 halogens and three LEDs to choose from. Compare the basis specs on all models here.

Give us a call to discuss your needs and whether or not a Lentry Light might work for you: (888) 257-8967

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