Where do Lentry Light Towers fall along the spectrum?

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Lentry Lights are not “gas-powered flashlights” or expensive personal work lights, nor are they adequate for lighting a stadium! Rather, they fill the need in between those extremes, falling halfway between flashlights and tow-behind light towers.

Visualize the continuum with flashlights on one end and stadium lights on the other:

Not bright enough?
Flashlight too little?

Just right!
When flashlights aren't enough and tow-behind lights are too much, a LENTRY Light is just right.

Too difficult?
trailer-mounted light too much?

Uses for Lentry Light Towers are endless, as they can light one person—like a flagger—or an entire scene—like a criminal investigation, a search and rescue operation, a DUI check point, a section of the border, etc.

How bright are they? I can confidently assert that a newspaper could be read at 300 feet away with ANY of the six light heads we offer! There are 3 halogens and three LEDs from which to choose. Compare the basis specs on all models here.

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Written by Joan, former Marketing and Communications

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