FAQs — Ventry Fans

Where to find serial numbers

This FAQ instructs you on where to find the fan and serial numbers on Ventry® Fans and Lentry® Lighting Systems.

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Where to find VENTRY PPV Fan serial numbers

Live Fire Training Photos with PPV Fans in Action

Photos showing Ventry® Fans in action, during live fire trainings at local fire departments, show our company’s commitment to innovation. Improvements are applied to ALL applicable models, retrofit when possible, and sometimes are available to existing customers for free!

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Photo of ventilation training by volunteer fire department in Hauser, Idaho

Battery-Powered Ventilation Fans

In fire fighting, battery powered fans are popular right now. We discuss our concerns and why we continue to solve our customers' ventilation needs with gasoline and electric PPV Fans.

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Joan holds a blow-off between electric Ventry Fan and a popular batfan

Mall Ventilation: Portable Fans vs. Mobile Ventilation Unit

This FAQ covers ventilating large structures; ventilation using multiple portable PPV fans, ventilation of super-sized (large!) structures using small fans, and portable fans as an alternative to built-in smoke removal systems.

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ventilating a mall with multiple portable PPV fans

Do you sell catalytic converters for Ventry Fans?

For several reasons, we do not yet offer catalytic converters as options or accessories on Ventry PPV Fans. If there is sufficient interest, we will work harder to secure them.

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Do you sell exhaust extensions?

VSI does not sell and advises against using exhaust extensions on gas-powered fans because we believe they do not work, are unsafe, and may void your warranty.

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Just say No to an exhaust extension on your PPV fan!

Inflation Fan Customer Reviews

Read comments and stories and see photos we have received from Hot Air Balloonists over the years. All of these pilots use Ventry® Inflation Fans.

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Hot air balloon inflation. Photo courtesy balloon pilot Mark Sand.

Hot Air Balloon Inflation Fans

Ventry® Fans are excellent hot air balloon inflators for many of the same reasons they are ideal for fire fighting. Here are highlights for balloonists and photos from our customers.

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Inflation from the interior - Courtesy Mark Sand and Mike Bollea

Electric versus Gasoline PPV Fans

Simple comparison of the pros and cons of gasoline and electric PPV fans.

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Electric versus Gasoline PPV Fans

Ventry Fan Model 20E1.5GFCI Discontinued

Model 20E1.5GFCI Electric Ventry® PPV Fans have been discontinued but are still supported by VSI. The modern equivalent is also GFCI-compatible.

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Original electric PPV Fan versus New model 20EM3550 Electric PPV Fan