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Does Ventry make a battery-power blower?

Battery powered fans are getting a lot of attention right now. We were asked several times at a recent fire/rescue expo if Ventry Solutions makes a battery-powered fan. We do not yet. We have made gas-powered and electric fans for almost three decades. Ventry® PPV Fans have proven to be reliable, safe, high-performance, and long-lasting solutions for our customers.


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After the show, James, our CEO and Engineer and a firefighter with several decades of experience, shared with me his thoughts on the battery-powered fans. While he admitted to knowing very little about the technology itself, he expressed concerns with the battery chemistries and how they may be affected by heat. Firefighting fans are used in hot environments and are run for long periods of time during which they may be subject to overheating.

Other concerns with battery-powered fans that we have, as PPV fan manufacturers and firefighters, include:

  • air volume (CFM is much lower than gas, making them safe for very limited ventilation situations)
  • run-times and reliability during ventilation
  • battery safety
  • limited range of use temperatures
  • down-time while battery charges (emergency availability)
  • battery life
  • long-term cost and availability of batteries
  • overall value and costs (especially cost versus performance and longevity)

We look forward to these concerns being resolved as the market and technology evolves, and we hope it does so without injury to firefighters! Battery powered fans do appear to be a good solution for situations requiring them to be carried indoors, for ventilating a small interior area, without introducing any CO, and for short-term use.

And while the unknowns work themselves out, we will continue to make exceptional, out-STAND-ing, tried and true fans which work for nearly any ventilation situation.

For coordinated, aggressive positive pressure ventilation and attack, Ventry PPV Fans come well recommended (read testimonials) and are quite different than all other fans.

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Written by Joan Rodman, Communications, VSI

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