Testimonials from Ventry Fan Users

In making a decision about the safety equipment you choose, it can really help to speak with those who have direct experience with us, our dealers, and Ventry® Fans.

After a free trial (available to fire departments), Chief Hendricks of Herald FPD in California bought two Ventry Fans. He revealed to our previous colleague Joan over the phone later that his favorite feature was THE LEGS! She enjoyed this constructive criticism of our marketing:

“Why didn’t someone think of legs on a fan sooner?” he asked her. Sheepishly, she explained that our fans have always had legs, after Dad thought of it nearly 30 years ago (legs seemed obvious even way back then).

“But we’ve done a lousy job of getting the word out,” Joan admitted.

He replied, “I’d have to agree.”

Photo by Adam Skrzypkowski. Shown courtesy of Junior Brigidier (formerly Senior Captain) Szymon Kokot-Góra.

More photos have been posted by Szymon Kokot-Góra on Facebook from CFBT Olsztyn.

This photo was taken by Adam Skrzypkowski and is shown courtesy of Junior Brigidier (formerly Senior Captain) Szymon Kokot-Góra. Junior Brigidier Kokot-Góra is a progressive firefighter from Olsztyn, Poland who had an article published in the fire journal of their national headquarters. His research has included firefighting tactics using multiple fans, including Ventry Fans. In response to our congratulations on being published, he kindly commented:

“That was not only a pleasure [of having a great fan from a great company that has great people]. It was a learning and pioneering experience that enhanced our position as leading training centre in CFBT. We are leading and not giving up the position! Period.”

“They make three days’ work into one.” ~ BW of Wm. Winkler Construction, a concrete contractor in Spokane, Washington VENTRY Fan blowing on a slash pile to accelerate burning

“…I was working a fatality fire on the 29th of April. Ventry fan is out in the front yard like 12-14 feet from the door, spooled up and blowing like hell. We get the first floor knocked down with a combination of exterior and interior attack. Upstairs is still an inferno. Guys go in the front door do the fastest primary search in the history of the fire service, no victim located, then get out due to uncontrolled fire above. Ladder the upstairs controlled the fire through a back and front window. Ventry fan worked great until [it was] knocked over, face first into a puddle by some idiot in a red hat. [...] Picked up the fan, reset the angle and pulled the cord, fan goes vroom, vroom again. Some of the muddiest, most uneven, garbage and debris covered ground we’ve worked on in awhile. A traditional fan wouldn’t even have been feasible to use on the small entry deck.” ~ Captain Howell, City of Bethel FD, Alaska screen shot of the video

Screenshot showing the Ventry Fan ventilating from the bottom of the stairs.

On shipping and packaging:

“We got the St. Cloud order today and just want to let you know that I’m very impressed with the amount of care that your products receive when being packaged. Things aren’t just put into a box and shipped, they are packaged properly to ensure that they arrive in the best condition possible, very professional!” ~ Kirk Peterson of Core & Main (MN)

Below are tidbits from a letter written by Captain Donnie Sattler (Sedalia, MO) to his Chief, recommending the purchase of a Ventry PPV Fan following testing of multiple brands.

The PPV that comes with my personal recommendation is the Ventry from Precision Fire Apparatus [...] The Ventry does not walk and has the advantage of being able to be elevated to get up off the ground (drawing more air). The result is better efficiency when ventilating a house that has stairs leading up to a porch and then into the house. The other fans do not offer anywhere near the angles, nor can they be set up on stairs [...] The fan supported [the rep’s] weight (over 200lbs.) while the fan was running. [...] This fan is at least 14 pounds lighter than any of the other fans; this makes it safer to carry with less chance of straining muscles or injuring the lower back. [...] In conclusion, this fan is lighter, more stable, more efficient, more versatile, safer and offers a better warranty than the others.

We thank Captain Sattler for his diligent research, kind words and constructive feedback. It helps us to know our customers’ concerns so we may address them. We removed the other brand name as a courtesy.

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