What are Lentry Light Systems?

animation showing the legs and telescoping light of model 1SPECX

See our online catalog for all models, including Lentry Light 1SPECX shown above.

Demo Video

Here we demonstrate setting up and taking down all-terrain, portable Lentry Light model 1SPECS.

Portable, bright, versatile...

Lentry® Lights are gas-powered lights that have legs and telescoping poles and provide portable light and power to nearly any large job site or emergency scene.

James carrying Lentry Light model 2SPECS

James holding Lentry Light model 2SPECS.

They are robust—engineered for strength and safety, not bulk—and they hold up to the rigors of fire and rescue, contractors, military and other industrial users. They are good solutions when flashlights are not enough and trailer-mounted generators with mast lighting are too much!

They simply make you safer and more effective, regardless of adverse conditions and unpredictable environments, because they let you SEE and be SEEN.

Lentry Power and Light Systems are self-contained: they consist of high quality EU1000i and EU2200i Honda® generators*. There are no batteries to charge with Lentry Systems, and no cords to run long distances. Lentry Systems run quietly, lighting large areas for hours and hours on a tank of fuel; if more hours are needed, just (check the oil and) add more fuel.

The legs, also called the frame, are guaranteed not to break or bend. Their outward curve and high-tech rubber “feet” give Lentry Lights their solid stance and rock-solid stability. Legs retract so that the system fits in small spaces and are easy to transport, also protecting the generator and extending generator life. Legs are installed on the generator and remain connected to it unless separated with tools.

Lentry light heads are held atop telescoping poles. The poles feature easy grip locking collars which lock the pole at any height along its full length. The lights and pole together disconnect from the rest of the system with the turn of a knob on the frame. The light head(s) on Lentry Systems can be removed from the pole in a few seconds with the Quick Release.

Triple extra tall V-Star LEDs on model 2STARXXX

Lentry Light model 2STARXXX

Light heads on Lentry Systems are articulated to tip all the way forward and back, rotate over 360-degrees, and lock in any position for complete lighting control. Aim the light quickly and in any direction without re-positioning the whole unit. Articulation also allows the lights to fit in a variety of storage compartments. Lights can multi-purpose as truck-mounted lighting with optional bracketry.

There are many models to choose from, to meet your specific needs and budget. Choose from:

  • Systems that consist of a 1000-watt or 2200-watt generator* (traditional Lentry Lighting Systems).
  • Systems that do not include power, for you to use your own (Lentry Utility Systems).
  • Either halogen or LED lights. Depending on the light and power source, up to three lights (on separate poles) can be added per unit.
  • Three different heights of telescoping poles.
  • Three cases that are available to hold either the light(s) or the light(s) & pole(s). Not all lights and poles are available with a case.

*The required generator must be purchased from one of our Dealers or a local supplier.

Your work has enough risks. Make sure you can see.

Lentry Light ON, construction site, 1st picture, courtesy KB Trade GmbH

How bright are the lights? Photo courtesy KB Trade GmbH (Switzerland)

Construction site without and with a Lentry Light on, courtesy QDCIP Fire, LLC

Construction site photo without/with a Lentry Light in use. Click to enlarge. Photos courtesy QDCIP Fire, LLC (Ohio)

Lighting the area outside our factory with a LENTRY Light.

Lighting our factory parking lot during evening training with Lentry Light model 2OPUPH. Click to see larger image.