Lentry Portable Lights

All-Terrain, Portable Solutions for Lighting

What increases safety and makes a job easier than being able to see?

Lentry® Portable Lighting Systems are bright, mobile, telescopic units that light large areas for hours at a time regardless of the terrain. Often called Scene Lights or Job Site Lights, their unique design allows them to be used in (and travel to/from) places where standard lights, street lamps, and vehicle mounted lights cannot reach.

Traditional Lentry Lighting Systems consist of three all-terrain legs and a generator*, allowing them to be self-contained (no cords to trip over), while Lentry Utility Lighting Systems consist of four all-terrain legs and need to be attached to an existing power source (generator, inverter, traditional 15-amp U.S. wall outlet, etc.). No matter which system is being used (traditional or utility), All-Terrain Lentry Lights provide temporarily or long-term light, or light and power, to those who work outdoors at night, including emergency response, fire rescue, utilities, law enforcement, DOT, crime scenes, construction, public works, rail...

All-terrain LENTRY Portable Scene Lighting Systems


Examples of LENTRY Lighting Systems, models 1STARSS, 2SPECX, TWSPX-SS-C34/C50, 1STARX, and 1OPUPS Many models to choose from, including the ones shown here (from left to right): 1STARSS, 2SPECX with the Wheel & Handle Kit, TWSPX-SS-C34/C50 (case not shown), 1STARX (pole retracted), and 1OPUPS (legs retracted).

  • Is a flashlight or work light too little? Is a tow-behind light tower too much? Then a Lentry Light is just right!
  • Legs let you—not the terrain—determine the ideal location
  • Independently adjustable legs ensure a solid stance on any terrain: uneven, steep, rocky, wet, snow-covered...
  • Legs easily adjust by a simple turn of a knob or push of a button on each
  • Lights can be raised over tall grass, fences, guard rails...
  • Generator* is always level and lifted above sand, snow, water, and rocks
  • Lights tilt up and down, telescope, and rotate for optimal aiming
  • Traditional systems are self-contained; no cords to trip over; no batteries to charge
  • Controls are lifted within easy reach
  • Lights are instant on / instant off; no cool down time needed
  • Legs retract for compact storage
  • Vibration dampening feet with metal core and tough tread for aggressive grab on slick and slanted surfaces
  • Long run times on traditional systems (nearly 9 hours on some models) before adding more fuel
  • Lights are all bright and efficient (19,600 to 84,000 lumens)
  • Poles disconnect from the rest of the unit for storage, with the turn of a knob
  • One-person deployment and break down in seconds
  • Robust, heavy-duty frame and legs are guaranteed not to bend or break
  • Made in the USA
  • Five year warranties on workmanship and materials plus Lifetime Factory Support

*The required generator must be purchased from one of our Dealers or a local supplier.

Your work has enough risks. Make sure you can see.

Key Features

Compacts down and comes apart

Easy, portable, versatile

- Improves safety

- Easy to use

- Quiet backup power

- Compacts down and components disconnect


light system with all-terrain legs

All-terrain legs

- Make Lentry Lights stand out among all other lighting systems

- Fast & easy setup while providing a solid stance regardless of terrain

- Snow, rocks, debris, and clutter won’t hinder setup

- Generator leveled and protected


Bright and efficient Lentry Lights


- Light whole job sites, wide areas, and large scenes

- Overcome obstacles

- Reduce shadowing

- Tall, but practical and convenient

Learn more about 3 LENTRY height optionsCHOOSE FROM 3 HEIGHTS

Portable, telescoping lights

Telescoping lights

- Instant on / Instant off

- Bright and efficient

- Work and distance lighting in one

- LEDs, Halogen, Two-Headed, and multiple lights

- Low draw leaves power to spare

- Maximum control and function

Learn more about LENTRY telescoping light heads (4 to choose from)LEARN ABOUT THE LIGHTS

Versatile and economic Lentry Lights

Alternative to other portable lights

- More economical than trailer-mounted light towers

- Greater versatility and function than generator light kits

- Minimal manpower and vehicle demands

- Light up where road-bound lighting can’t

Compare popular mobile and scene lighting optionsCOMPARE TO POPULAR SCENE LIGHTING


All four Lentry Light Heads

In this photo, all 4 light heads are shown.

  1. Optup Halogen
  2. V-Star LED
  3. V-Spec LED
  4. 2-Headed V-Spec LED



A LENTRY Light shown in various stages of extension

Lentry Light (model 1SPECX) shown with its legs and light at various stages of extension. The value and versatility of these all-terrain lighting systems are best witnessed first-hand. Contact us to see how we can help with this.