Lentry Portable Lights

All-Terrain, Portable Solutions for Lighting

What increases safety and makes a job easier than being able to see?

Lentry® Portable Lighting Systems are bright, mobile, telescopic units that light large areas for hours at a time regardless of the terrain. Their self-contained design allows them to be used in (and travel to/from) places where standard scene lights, street lamps, and vehicle mounted lights cannot reach. These light towers provide light, temporarily or long-term, and power to those who work outdoors at night, including those in emergency response, utilities, law enforcement, crime scenes, construction, public works, rail...

All-terrain LENTRY Portable Scene Lighting Systems

Examples of LENTRY Generator Lights, models 1SPECS and 2STARXX Many models from which to choose.
Models 1SPECS and 2STARXX shown

  • Is a flashlight or work light too little? Is a tow-behind light tower too much? Then a Lentry Light is just right!
  • Legs let you—not the terrain—determine the ideal location
  • Independently adjustable, outward  curving legs ensure a solid stance on any terrain: uneven, steep, rocky, wet, snow-covered...
  • Legs adjust by simply turning a knob on each
  • Light can be raised to shine into windows for interior ops and over tall grass, fences, guard rails...
  • Generator is always level and lifted above sand, snow, water and rocks
  • Lights tilt up and down, telescope and rotate for optimal aiming
  • Self-contained; no cords to trip over; no batteries to charge
  • Controls are lifted within easy reach
  • Legs retract for compact storage and protect the generator
  • Vibration dampening feet with metal core and tough tread for aggressive grab on slick and slanted surfaces
  • Long run times (nearly 9 hours on some models) before adding more fuel
  • Lights are all bright and efficient (20,000 to 112,000 lumens)
  • Poles disconnect from the rest of the unit for storage, with the turn of a knob
  • One-person deployment and break down in seconds
  • Robust, heavy-duty frame and legs are guaranteed not to bend or break
  • Lights are instant on and instant off; no cool down time needed
  • Made in the USA
  • Five year warranties on workmanship and materials plus Lifetime Factory Support

Your work has enough risks. Make sure you can see.

Key Features

Compacts down and comes apart

Easy, portable, versatile

- Improves safety

- Easy to use

- Quiet backup power

- Compacts down and components disconnect


light system with all-terrain legs

All-terrain legs

- Make Lentry Lights stand out among all other generator lights

- Fast, easy setup, solid stance regardless of ground

- Snow, rocks, debris and clutter won’t hinder setup

- Generator leveled and protected


Bright and efficient Lentry Lights


- Light whole sites, wide areas, large scenes

- Overcome obstacles

- Reduce shadowing

- Tall but practical and convenient

Learn more about 3 LENTRY height optionsCHOOSE FROM 3 HEIGHTS

Portable, telescoping lights

Telescoping lights

- Bright and efficient

- Work and distance lighting at once

- LEDs, Halogen, Two-Headed, and multiple lights

- Low energy leaves power to spare

- Maximum control and function

Learn more about LENTRY telescoping light heads (6 to choose from)LEARN ABOUT THE LIGHTS

Versatile and economic Lentry Lights

Alternative to other portable lights

- More economical than trailer-mounted light towers

- Greater versatility and function than generator light kits

- Minimal manpower and vehicle demands

- Aim where road-bound lighting can’t

Compare popular mobile and scene lighting optionsCOMPARE TO POPULAR SCENE LIGHTING


All four Lentry Light Heads

In this photo, all 4 light heads are shown.

  1. Optup Halogen
  2. V-Star LED
  3. V-Spec LED
  4. 2-Headed V-Spec



A LENTRY Light shown in various stages of extension

Lentry Light (model 1SPECX) shown with its legs and light at various stages of extension. The value and versatility of these all-terrain light and power units are best witnessed first-hand. Contact us to see how we can help with this.