How are Lentry Light Towers stored?

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Extended and retracted (inset)

Lentry Lights extend and retract. Above, extra tall model 2STARX is shown fully extended and (inset) fully retracted. The pole and light can also be disconnected.

All telescoping Lentry® Generator-Lights extend and retract. The legs slide up close to the generator and the telescopic poles shorten and disconnect from the generator-and-legs portion of the unit. (Poles and legs may be locked to function at any point in between.) With the Quick Release knob, light heads also come off the poles without tools.

While all poles may be disconnected, it is not required. Left fully assembled, the longer the pole is, the taller the whole unit will be in any configuration.

You can calculate the storage size (retracted size) of any model Lentry Light using its specs (see catalog or flyer). Add the light head height plus the pole’s retracted length plus about 1 inch.

It is easy to separate the pole and light from the rest of the unit for storage. This is demonstrated with Lentry Light Tower model 2OPUPX in the photos below. All models “break down” in this way.

The frame (which includes the legs and the bracket which holds the pole or poles) is bolted to the generator so it doesn’t come off easily or without tools; however, the legs on Lentry Generator Lights retract and tuck in close to the generator body, as shown in photo 3.

Lentry Light with
generator and light separated (detached)

generator only, light disconnected
(3) Generator and Legs portion, no light or pole

Telescoping pole, with light attached, separated from generator-light-legs
(4) Pole and light can be detached from the rest of the unit. (They do not stand upright on their own.*)

*NOTE: The telescoping poles/lights on Lentry Lights do not stand on their own without support. Photo 4 has been edited using photo editing software to demonstrate the separation of components.

Lentry Light with
all components attached

Fully extended light and generator tower, assembled
(1) Fully extended position

Retracted Lentry generator and light system, assembled
(2) Retracted position

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