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Utility Company Shares Photos of Portable Lighting Test

All-Terrain Lentry® Lights
are bright and versatile, two qualities best appreciated with hands-on experience—seeing is believing. To facilitate this, the original equipment manufacturer, Ventry Solutions, Inc. (VSI), frequently lends potential industrial clients light plants to test. Recently, this was done for one of the company’s local utilities, Kootenai Electric Cooperative, headquartered in Hayden, Idaho.

After testing, linemen shared their feedback as well as several photos. The images illustrate the difference between common, sometimes mediocre lighting solutions versus All-Terrain Lentry Lights.

The following photos are courtesy of Kootenai Electric Cooperative.

Overhead utility pole work lit by truck headlights

Photo 1 shows overhead utility pole work lit by car headlights.

Spotlight (NOT a Lentry Light) lighting work done on a utility pole

Photo 2 shows the utility work being lit precisely by a typical spotlight.

Lentry model 1SPECX lighting the entire job site

Photo 3 shows the pole work being illuminated completely by a Lentry Light System, model 1SPECX, without its legs extended.

Trench work being lit by a Lentry Lighting System model 1SPECX

Photo 4 shows the Lentry Light helping with trench work.


While VSI will always suggest extending the legs on all Lentry Lights in order to make them more stable, it is not always necessary, as shown in these pictures with the Lentry Lights in use.

VSI sincerely thanks Kootenai Electric Cooperative for taking the time to capture these images and giving permission to share them with others.

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