Hot Air Balloon Inflation Photos

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What makes Ventry Fans so good for inflation?
Inflation fan customer reviews
Ventry Solutions, Inc. is proud to be a Corporate Member of the BFA.

We have received some stunning photos over the years from our generous customers. Although Ventry® Fans may look different today from when they were first manufactured (they evolve constantly), if the inflation fan has legs, you know it’s a Ventry Fan! Most pictures will enlarge when clicked.

Photo courtesy of Lau Laursen, Circus Balloon Club (Denmark), and Christine Sarvien.

Courtesy Lau Laursen, Circus Balloon Club (Denmark), and Christine Sarvien.

Inflation fan in action; courtesy Alan Sanderson, 2005

Courtesy Alan Sanderson

Ventry Fan assists with inflating a hot air balloon

Courtesy Mark Sand and the late Mike Bollea.

Inflating a hot air balloon is made easier with a Ventry Fan

Courtesy Aaron Dieringer

Bollea 2007 inflation progression

Balloon inflation with a Ventry Fan in progress, courtesy Mark Sand and his late, much-missed friend and pilot Mike Bollea, 2007.

Unloading hot air balloon equipment, including a Ventry Inflation Fan

A crew helps inflate a hot air balloon with the assistance of a Ventry Fan

Hot air balloon being flown threw the skies of Taiwan

Courtesy Jeff Haliczer, while in Taiwan in 2017.

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