FAQs — Training

Live Fire Training Photos with PPV Fans in Action

Photos showing Ventry® Fans in action, during live fire trainings at local fire departments, show our company’s commitment to innovation. Improvements are applied to ALL applicable models, retrofit when possible, and sometimes are available to existing customers for free!

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Photo of ventilation training by volunteer fire department in Hauser, Idaho

Mall Ventilation: Portable Fans vs. Mobile Ventilation Unit

This FAQ covers ventilating large structures; ventilation using multiple portable PPV fans, ventilation of super-sized (large!) structures using small fans, and portable fans as an alternative to built-in smoke removal systems.

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ventilating a mall with multiple portable PPV fans

Photos of PPV Fan Flow Testing

Photos of PPV Fan Flow tests taken by James Neils, who attended testing as a panel member. These tests were conducted as part of the larger FSRI study on PPV effectiveness in modern structures.

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James Neils attended and took photos of fan flow tests, Dec 2014