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FDIC International Exhibitor Showcase: All-Terrain Ventilation Fans

A camera shy but genuine, James Neils summarizes the most prominent benefits of Ventry® Ventilation Fans in this video taken in our booth at FDIC.

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Ventry Ventilation Fans are introduced in-the-booth at Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) International

Live Fire Training Photos with PPV Fans in Action

Photos showing Ventry® Fans in action, during live fire trainings at local fire departments, show our company’s commitment to innovation. Improvements are applied to ALL applicable models, retrofit when possible, and sometimes are available to existing customers for free!

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Photo of ventilation training by volunteer fire department in Hauser, Idaho

Mall Ventilation: Portable Fans vs. Mobile Ventilation Unit

This FAQ covers ventilating large structures; ventilation using multiple portable PPV fans, ventilation of super-sized (large!) structures using small fans, and portable fans as an alternative to built-in smoke removal systems.

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ventilating a mall with multiple portable PPV fans

Inflation Fan Customer Reviews

Read comments and stories and see photos we have received from Hot Air Balloonists over the years. All of these pilots use Ventry® Inflation Fans.

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Hot air balloon inflation. Photo courtesy balloon pilot Mark Sand.

Hot Air Balloon Inflation Fans

Ventry® Fans are excellent hot air balloon inflators for many of the same reasons they are ideal for fire fighting. Here are highlights for balloonists and photos from our customers.

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Inflation from the interior - Courtesy Mark Sand and Mike Bollea

Photos of PPV Fan Flow Testing

Photos of PPV Fan Flow tests taken by James Neils, who attended testing as a panel member. These tests were conducted as part of the larger FSRI study on PPV effectiveness in modern structures.

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James Neils attended and took photos of fan flow tests, Dec 2014

Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan Testing

Many customers have compared and tested positive pressure ventilation fans (PPVs) over the years. This article shares results from two tests, conducted in the US and Poland, which compare multiple popular brands.

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Testing the ppv's air stream characteristics - photo courtesy of Szymon Kokot-Góra