Easy Fixes and Troubleshooting

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Some easy fixes to common problems are shown on this page.

Age of the Gas / Fuel

Fuel goes bad quickly these days so it’s the first thing we ask customers about when we hear of any problems getting their fans or generators started or keeping them running.

If your Ventry® Fan or Lentry® Light does not start easily or stay running, please check the gasoline! Gas that has been in the unit for more than a few months may not work. Try new, fresh gas. Then run it long enough to get the carbon burned out.

For normal maintenance, we recommend:

  • Running your Ventry Fan at least once a month, for about 5 minutes.
  • Running the generator on your Lentry unit once a month, for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Honda has specific recommendations for fuel, including:

  • Use fuel with octane rating of 89 or higher;
  • Use fuel of 10% Ethanol or less;
  • Use a fuel stabilizer if fuel will be stored longer than 90 days;
  • Keep your tank full to minimize air and fuel contamination; and
  • Keep fuel in a plastic gas can with the vent closed, out of the sun and heat.

Additional resources from Honda.

Below are flyers (PDF files) from Honda regarding proper storage and how to avoid fuel related issues.

Low Engine Oil

Add oil until it pours back out (Honda image)
Add oil until it pours back out (Honda image)

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If the generator or motor on your fan or light do not start or stay running, low oil may be the problem. When filling Honda motors or generators with oil, you must fill it until the oil begins to pour back out. The dipstick can be misleading and if you do not put enough oil in, the Oil Alert will engage and prevent the engine from starting.

Instructions: How to check the oil

The Oil Alert will engage if the unit is tipped too far as well. Ventry Fans can be tipped as far as 20 degrees and do not need to be tipped as far as other fans, due to their overall geometry. On Lentry Lights, simply adjust the legs to keep the generator level.

Honda Gas Cap Recall

If your Ventry Fan has a Honda engine that runs for 5 minutes or so but then sputters and quits, it is likely due to the gas cap. For a short period of time, Honda had a fuel cap with a carbon filter that was easily saturated with gas if the tank is overfilled, resulting in an airflow issue. Call us for a new cap: 888-257-8967

Gas and Oil Mixing in Honda Engines

When not in use, be sure to turn the fuel shut-off valve to the off position on your Ventry Fan. (This can only be done on GX-series motors; there is no fuel shut-off on older Ventry Fans consisting of a GC-series motor.) If the fuel is not shut off and the fan is put on a truck where it gets bounced around a lot, the gas will work its way past the float and will mix with the oil, causing the motor not to start or run properly. Your local Honda dealer can fix it, but it is not a warranty issue. Save the hassle and expense by making sure to turn off the fuel when not in use.

Fuel Vent Lever

If your generator runs and stalls, check to see if the fuel vent lever on top is aligned properly with the ON mark. If lifted slightly while turning it to ON, it is possible to go too far. Move the lever back and forth between ON and OFF to make sure the vent lever lines up properly. If full, oil will start to pour back out of the opening.

Lentry Light Head Not Turning On

If your Lentry Light does not turn on, the most common cause is the light switch. Try switching it on and off repeatedly and rather violently. This will usually resolve the problem. If it does not, please call us.

Compromised Fan Guard / Cage

If the guard on your Ventry Fan has been damaged or compromised, the fan should be immediately removed from service until the guard is repaired or replaced. Gaps between wires should not exceed 1/2 inch. For older fans with gray gurads, we recommend upgrading to modern double-reinforced open-flow guards. Contact us to discuss the options.

Rubber Leg Ends

Inspect the feet periodically on your Ventry Fan and Lentry Lights as the rubber does wear out over time and is integral to unit stability and safety. Make sure all three rubber leg ends are in good, working condition and order new ones if any are damaged or cracked.

Misting Ring Not Working Properly

If the mist from the Misting Ring on your Ventry Fan appears to decrease in amount, you may have a blocked filter or plugged nozzles. See our Misting Ring page for how to quickly and easily get your Misting Ring running like new.

Lentry Light Bulbs

We keep replacement bulbs in stock for immediate shipment. Spare bulbs are detailed on our Accessories page. Please contact us to order parts.

Problem Not Listed and Need Help?

Is the problem you are experiencing is not listed on this page, or it is listed and you are still having problems? Let us help you with any trouble you have regarding a Ventry Fan or Lentry Light. Contact us, the manufacturer: 888-257-8967.

Hearing of any problems helps us continually improve and make sure every customer is completely satisfied. We are often near the phone even outside of normal hours and will do our very best to solve any issues you might have as quickly as possible. Don’t suffer in silence!

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