Accessories for Lentry Lights

Download a flyer of all accessories here. Accessories appropriate for individual Lentry® Systems are listed for each model in the Catalog; see the “Options” tab for each model.

V-Spec Cases

Indicated by “-C” at the end of the model number, select Lentry Light models with V-Spec or 2-Headed V-Spec LEDs now include a heavy-duty, military-grade case to protect and preserve their high-tech, high-output light heads against air, water, theft and impacts. Custom-cut interior polyethylene closed-cell foam cushions and holds the LEDs securely. Lifetime guarantee.

Military-grade V-Spec Cases are now included with several Lentry portable LED work lights.


This digital tachometer is also an hour meter. It can be added to any Lentry Light System. The digital Tiny Tach™ displays RPM and total hours. It is helpful for performance report and diagnostics and helps track maintenance for extended generator life.

Digital tachometer/hour meter

Quick Release for Lentry Light Heads

Optional on any Lentry System Light and included on the 2-Headed lights, the Quick Release allows Lentry light heads to be taken off and put back on the telescoping poles in seconds. It saves time, makes removal and attachment simple, and eliminates the need for separate tools. The Quick Release option retrofits easily to many Lentry Lights. Call for details.

Quick Release allows any light head to be easily put on or taken off the pole.

Lentry Lighting Truck-Mount Option

Telescoping lights from Lentry Portable Light Towers can serve double-duty as truck-mounted lighting with the addition of the Truck-Mount Option. This option includes a four-piece set of interlocking brackets and rings (pictured at right). The rings are installed on the shaft of the telescoping pole (two rings per light) and the two brackets (portions with plungers) are mounted on a vertical surface, for example, the inside or outside of a truck cabinet or the side of a trailer.

The brackets have plunger mechanisms which hold the rings and, therefore, the lights, securely in place on the truck. On the truck, the telescoping light can then be utilized by plugging it in to an on-board generator or to the three-legged Lentry Light System. Ideal for exterior applications.

Truck Mount Option flyer

Open the Truck-Mount Option flyer

Carrying Strap for EU1000i Lentry Units

Over-the-shoulder carrying strap, hand-made of strong nylon for easy one-person transport of Lentry units with EU1000i generators only. Optional with EU1000i combinations only. Not available on EU2000i models.

Optional shoulder strap for 1000W LENTRY Systems

Extra Rubber Leg Ends

Extra rubber leg ends (feet) are wise to keep on hand for backup in the field, but they are available from Ventry Solutions, Inc. within a few days.

Tornado rubber leg ends

Spare Bulbs

Extra light bulbs are wise to keep on hand for backup in the field. All Lentry Units utilize one or more of the following bulbs.

  • 750W halogen bulbs are used in all halogen Lentry Lights except the Panorama. This bulb can also be used in Lentry Lights that originally came with 650W hi-IR bulbs. (Call if you need help determining what you have.) It is the brightest bulb we can get using only 750 watts of power. Approximately 5 inches long. Output of 19,600 lumens.
  • 1500W halogen bulbs are used in Lentry systems with 1500W Panorama lights. Output of 35,000 lumens.

Please note that from June 2010 to December 2010 and from January 2015 forward, halogen Lentry Lighting Systems have utilized 750W halogen bulbs. Formerly, a 650 watt hi-infrared (Hi-IR) bulb has been used. The two bulbs are interchangeable in most Lentry Lights with halogens. 500W halogens may also be used in a pinch, but offer much less light.

We are not aware of an adequate substitute for the 1500W bulb (used in standard and XT height 1500W Panorama lights), but can ship one to you in a hurry. Give us a call: 888-257-8967