What do Lentry Light Model Numbers Mean?

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The main features of any portable Lentry® Light System are specified by its model number. Model numbers indicate everything from:

  • The unit’s power level,
  • Which light(s) it has,
  • The height and number of telescoping pole(s),
  • If it includes a utility stand, and
  • Which case (should one be included).
Example model number:

Lentry Light model numbers explained

The first digit is the power supply, either a 1 or a 2.

1=1000 watt
2=2200 watt

The next four letters indicate the light(s).

OPUP = Optup halogen
TWSP = 2-Headed V-Spec LED

Each S, X or H near the end specifies the height of pole, while the number of S, X, or H states how many poles of that height.

S, SS, SSS = one, two, or three Standard height poles
X, XX, XXX = one, two, or three XT height poles
H = one Hi-Lite height pole

Several models end with -C23, -C34, or -C50, specifying the case that comes with that model.

-C23 = Case C2318
-C34 = Case C3422
-C50 = Case C5022

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All Lentry Light models are listed and compared side-by-side here, along with bid specs.

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