VSI’s remote mobile emergency scene and job/work site lights have many names!

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As unique safety lighting tools with many applications and industrial users from a wide spectrum, Lentry® Lights can be hard to find. There are so many different lighting terms and light system names that we have started a list of them here. This page includes many but not all of the terms we have heard to describe our "outdoor generators with legs and telescoping lights."

This page has hopefully helped YOU find Lentry Lights: great lighting solutions for many outdoor, temporary, portable, remote, mobile, emergency scene, jobsite—and other—lighting needs!

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  • Rescue light
  • Remote area lighting system (RALS)
  • Portable power and light unit
  • Generator light
  • Generator and light stand or frame
  • Emergency scene lighting
  • Scene light
  • Emergency light
  • Generator and light kit
  • Work light
  • Area lighting
  • Jobsite lighting or site lighting
  • Utility light
  • Light plant
  • Light tower
  • Light tower alternative!
  • Remote lighting
  • Gas-powered light
  • Temporary lighting of dynamic or shifting work sites

Throughout our website, you may notice that Lentry Lights are described most often as “portable” and “all-terrain” because those are their most universal and identifiable features. Please send us a quick note with any key word or name suggestions, especially if the words you would use are not listed here.

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