Lentry Lights go by many names

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As unique safety tools with a variety of applications and users from many fields, Lentry® Lights can be hard to name and hard to find in this day and age of keywords. Everyone seems to call them and search for different words.

This page simply lists the key words we know apply to our lighting systems in hopes they will help you find these great solutions to your outdoor, temporary, portable, remote, emergency—or other—lighting needs!

What do you call Lentry Lights?

What are Lentry Lights?
What are they?


    Lentry enter keyword here graphic

    • Rescue light
    • Portable power and light unit
    • Generator light (or genreator light if you type too fast)
    • Generator and light stand or frame
    • Emergency scene lighting
    • Scene light
    • Emergency light
    • Generator and light kit
    • Work light
    • Area lighting
    • Jobsite lighting or site lighting
    • Light plant
    • Light tower
    • Remote lighting
    • Gas-powered light
    • Temporary lighting of dynamic or shifting work sites

    Throughout our website, you may notice that I emphasize Lentry Lights as being “portable” and “all-terrain.” Please send me a quick note with any key word or name suggestions, especially if the words you would use are not listed here.

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