Incidents Happen After Dark Too

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“I rarely ‘endorse a product’ but yours has been exceptional in the few occasions I have had the opportunity to use them.” ~Director Huntrods, Meade County Emergency Management, SD.

See more pictures of Lentry Lighting Systems in action while crews get work done after dark.

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Just because the sun goes down, doesn't mean accidents and incidents stop happening. Meade County Emergency Management in South Dakota understands this and was able to purchase a couple Lentry Lighting Systems with help from Homeland Security Grant funds so they could be ready. Director Huntrods has been gracious enough to share pictures of a couple times they were able to put their 2-Headed LED Lentry System, Model 2TWSPX-C34, to good use. All photos used with permission of Director Huntrods, Meade County Emergency Management, SD.

Train vs. Car Accident

Not too long after Director Huntrods first purchased the Lentry Systems for his county, he was on his way to a meeting where he was planning on demonstrating the lights. While on his way there, a call came in for a train versus car accident. Upon arriving on scene, he noticed that the train drug the car about 300 yards down the track to where lighting was difficult. The Lentry System, that happened to be in the back of his truck, was set up on the tracks where it "lit the scene quite well."

Before picture of a train vs. car accident in the dark

After picture of the 2-Headed Lentry Lighting system lighting the scene of a train vs. car accident

An Unexpected Sink Hole

Another time their Lentry Lighting System was put to use was when an old mine complex opened under a neighborhood and a certified cave rescue team had to enter the mine at dark, due to their measuring devices being affected by sunlight (the measurements they needed to take had to start at the opening).

At first, a couple [name excluded] scene lights were set up. Shortly after, the Lentry System was deployed and the other lights were quickly turned off (with the exception of a street light that added little help). Per Director Huntrods, the Lentry Light "lit the entire scene and reflected into the 30 foot deep mine entrance so well that no other lights were kept in service. The Lentry was raised to full height except for a short high wind period. The hole would have been much brighter had we not had a crowd between the light and the hole." Click the pictures to enlarge.

Lentry Light Tower lights the scene of a mining op A Lentry Lighting Systems lights the opening of an undergroud mine.


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