Parts, Service, and Returns

Please contact us directly about parts, repairs, service needs and returns.

As the manufacturer, we encourage you to purchase new Ventry® Fans and Lentry® Generator Lights through our Dealers but to work with us directly for parts, warranty work, and other repairs. We will help you keep your equipment in safe working condition.

Taking a photo of the needed repair or damage is very helpful and may be sent to us by email or text (call for text number). Photos are especially helpful if your product was damaged during shipping.

Returns and repairs are quite rare so no RMA (return authorization number) is necessary; we will talk with you to determine the best fix for your specific needs.

Don’t Suffer in Silence!

If you ever have a question on or problem with your VSI product, no matter its age or origin, please contact us. You might be surprised what is covered under our “No BS” Warranty and even if something is not covered, we can help figure out how best to help you.


Our products are well designed and well made so many issues are easily resolved. We have posted the most common issues and solutions here.