Before/After Pics: Work Site Lit with one Lentry Portable Site Light

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Photos show how having just one great light system helps construction!

Below are two dramatic before/after or with/without photos which Alert Dealer Chris Marley texted to me after putting to use his Lentry® Light model 2SPECX.

He explained in his text, “Deck construction before...and after...”

It’s hard to capture with a camera, but Chris did a great job showing the V-Spec LED’s output and effectiveness in the context of his evening construction project. Click either image to open a composite image with captions.

We have received another photo of a Lentry Light in action at a construction site from Switzerland. The Lentry Light below, lighting the entire job site so well, also happens to be model 2SPECX.

(Photo courtesy KB Trade GmbH) One LENTRY site light tower lights up this entire construction site.

This scene light brightens up the whole construction site. A work light would only light up the backhoe or its bucket.
(Photo courtesy KB Trade GmbH)

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