Wind Rating of Telescoping Generator-and-Light Towers

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Using an airplane, we attempt to blow over a portable, telescoping light system

Wind testing of portable light 1SPECX

Wind testing of generator-light tower (1SPECX) with an airplane

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A potential oil/gas customer asked us for wind ratings on our telescoping Lentry® Generator & Light Towers recently (introduction here). He needed one to stand up to wind as high as 10m/s (22.4 mph). James was eager to answer and use his new wind meter. The trick was to create wind.

WIND!? That’s a breeze for VSI, since we are the manufacturer of super duper fans, right? Well...

Shockingly, Ventry® Fans would not work in this case because of their narrow air streams (by design). Tight air cones are beneficial for positive pressure ventilation (PPV), brush burning, and hot air balloon inflation; however, a super streamlined air path would not consistently encompass a fully extended XT-height Lentry System, from top-to-bottom, so we had to figure out another way.

For those who don’t already know this, James (my brother) and John (our Dad) are private pilots and they have an old Cessna 172XP. It worked well and made for a fun afternoon here at the shop.

Spoiler Alert: Lentry Light Systems are now rated for 22 mph, worst-case. When positioned facing into the wind, as can be done due to the all-terrain legs, the Lentry Light never did tip over. If you are curious for more details, please call. James or I will be happy to discuss the testing.
Above: James, Ken, John and Sara prep for testing.

Above: James, Ken, John and Sara prep for testing.

James and Joan, windblown and chilly after the testing!

James and I were windblown and chilly after the testing!

This feature was written by Joan

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