Horsepower Ratings on PPV Fans

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The horsepower ratings on most positive pressure ventilation (PPV) fans changed in 2007 due to litigation involving the motor manufacturers (Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, etc.). To this day, we still see outdated and incorrect hp ratings on other PPV fan manufacturers’ specs and advertising.

The motors did not change, just the way the HP was rated.

Specs of all Ventry® PPV Fans are current; they reflect the modern HP ratings, per the table below. When comparing PPV fans, if the engine make and model are the same between fans, the fans are of equal horsepower, even if the stated ratings do not match. For example, if two fans have Honda GX200 motors, they are the same motor.

Motor Make
and Model
HP Rating
HP Rating
Honda GX120 4 hp --> 3.5 hp
Honda GX160 5.5 hp --> 4.8 hp
Honda GX200 6.5 hp --> 5.5 hp

Please note that air volume (output) is a much better indicator of fan performance than engine horsepower (input). However, because air volume is measured inconsistently in the industry, comparing published CFM values is largely meaningless and misleading. We highly encourage hands-on and side-by-side testing; contact us to see if we can help facilate this.

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