Windstorm makes benefits of all-terrain Generator-Lights clear

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Severe weather gave me first-hand experience with our portable-power-&-light units.

Written by Joan
Gas-powered generator outside, lighting the inside of my house through the window

Gas-powered generator outside, lighting the inside of my house through the window.

See more photos of Lentry Systems in action here.


Last November, a severe wind storm closed our office for a day and left several staff members without power for the whole week. During the outage, Sara and I borrowed Lentry® Systems from the shop (Ventry Solutions’ factory). Luckily, Sara only had to use hers for a couple hours. As for me, I gained valuable hands-on experience with the “power” part of our Lentry Gen-Lights during the five days my family put it to work.

Wow, was that ever an improvement over flashlights and candles! The unit I borrowed was model 2STARX with the large generator and tall V-Star LED. The generator gave us 1600 watts of power and the light provided 20,000 lumens.

Before running extension cords inside for light, I took some pictures to show that a Lentry Light can be used outdoors to illuminate the interior of a structure. The next day, on a walk through my neighborhood, a neighbor asked my husband and me if there had been an incident on our street. From two blocks away, she had seen “an incredibly bright light that must have lit the whole block!” I was able to explain the phenomenon to her.

With the Lentry Generator Light, we were able to run lamps, save the food in our family’s fridge and freezers, circulate heat with small fans, and recharge cell phones. After five days without power, we even used the generator to fire up our destop computer. As advertised, computer-safe power was provided—and much appreciated.

This experience gave me valuable insight into all the generator benefits, not just the lights, which I usually focus on. It reminded me that portable, all-terrain Lentry Systems are more than just amazing bright lights; the backup power they provide is a big deal too!

Same view as above, different camera settings.

Same view, different camera settings.

Inside lit by outdoor gas-powered generator.

Inside lit by outdoor gas-powered generator.

Close-up of the generator’s shiny labels.

Close-up of the generator’s shiny labels.

So cold outside, the LED lit up my breath!

Very cold!

Coffee vs extension cord chaos!

Coffee made the choas worthwhile.

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