Benefits of Honda Generators on Portable Lentry Work Lights

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Lentry Legs give Honda generators all-terrain capabilities and make them last longer.

For long life and reliable performance, Honda EU-series generators require proper ventilation and should be placed only on clean, dry, level surfaces. Lentry Legs keep dirt, dust and debris from being sucked in and prevent damage to the cooling and electrical systems. Contact us to give your EU1000i, EU2000i or EU2200i generator all-terrain capabilities.

Lentry® Generator Lights incorporate 1000-watt and 2200-watt (changed from 2000 to 2200-watt in 2018) tried-and-true Honda® EU-series generators. Both generators have several benefits, including:

  • Inverter technology,
  • Lightweight and compact,
  • Quiet operation,
  • Standard Oil Alert®,
  • Fuel efficient due to Eco-Throttle®,
  • Parallel operation,
  • D/C charging capabilities,
  • USDA-qualified spark arrester,
  • Electronic circuit breakers,
  • One switch for engine/fuel valve on/off,
  • Electronic ignition,
  • Simultaneous AC/DC use,
  • Overload alarm, and
  • GFCI (ground fault circuit interruption) protection available.

Specifications of the 1000W & 2200W generators

Specifications of both the 1000W and 2200W generators are listed side-by-side to help you choose which Lentry Light model is best for your needs. Model numbers beginning with “1” have the EU1000i and those beginning with “2” have the EU2200i.

Generator Honda EU1000i Honda EU2200i
Generator output AC 120V
1000W max. (8.3A)
900W rated (7.5A)
2200W max. (18.3A)
1800W rated (15A)
Receptacles 15A 125V Duplex 20A 125V Duplex
NEMA Plug 5-15P 5-20P
Generator output DC 12V 96W (8A) 12V 100W (8.3A)
Fuel capacity 0.6 gallons (2.4 quarts) 0.95 gallons (3.8 quarts)
Run Times per Tankful (approximate) 3.2 hrs hours @ rated load (900W)
7.1 hours @ 1/4 rated load (225W)
3.2 hours @ rated load (1800W)
8.1 hours @ 1/4 rated load (450W)
Weight with Legs (dry) 40 lbs 59 lbs
Warranties 1 year commercial use
2 years residential use
3 years commercial use
3 years residential use

Inverter technology

Honda generators are unique in that they offer a sine wave as good or better than that of your home’s power supply. This is important for sensitive devices such as computers that need “clean power,” which is offered by Honda generators. You would see the lights in your home dim and any running appliances falter if there was a fluctuation in their AC power supply (alternating current). That situation would normally not cause a problem; however, if you were running a computer off of generator-supplied power and it fluctuated, the computer may shut down. That is hard on computers and especially problematic when that computer is serving as a command post during rescue operations!

Honda engineers overcame this problem with inverter technology. Inverter technology involves a special microprocessor through which the raw power produced by the generator is run, resulting in ultra-clean power supplies having a sine wave of equal or better quality than a residential AC wall outlet.

Quiet Operation

Quiet operation is ensured thanks to Honda’s two-tiered noise dampening system and Eco-Throttle™. Honda EU1000i and EU2200i generators operate at 48 to 59 dB (this is close to the same noise level in a typical office environment). This makes them ideal for tasks in which communications could be otherwise hampered by loud generators.

Oil Alert

Both Honda generators are equipped with a safety system that shuts the engine down if oil reaches an unsafe operating level. This prevents engine damage from overheating due to lack of oil.

Low Fuel Consumption

Honda EU1000i and EU2200i models consume 20-40% less fuel than conventional generators, thanks to high-efficiency inverter technology and the Eco-Throttle™ system which are standard on both models. Other generators may continuously operate at 3600 RPMs in order to produce 60 cycle 120 volt power. The Eco-Throttle system includes a load-dependent speed control-type governor that automatically adjusts engine speed to the best level for a given load. The result is excellent fuel economy as well as decreased noise, plus it keeps exhaust emissions below even the strictest CARB and EPA emission standards.

Lightweight and Compact

The size and weight of these compact generators are greatly reduced by Honda’s unique inverter technology. Instead of heavy, independent alternators, the alternators in Honda EU-series generators are built-in.

EU1000i and EU2200i generators weigh 33 and 54 pounds, respectively, including fuel and oil. For weights and dimensions of Lentry Systems with each generator, visit Products.


Honda 1000W and 2200W generators mounted on the Frame/Legs section of a Lentry Lighting System & ready for lights.

Both of the compact generators have two easily accessible outlets on front and a suitcase-style handle on top. There is no better choice of generator for bright, portable, all-terrain power and light systems. Lentry Systems incorporate only Honda generators. 1000W and 2200W models with no telescoping lights connected are shown here (the Lentry Frame/Legs on the 2200W generator includes a Wheel & Handle Kit).

What are Lentry Lights?

D/C Charging

Both generators can be used to charge any 12V automotive battery by using an optional DC Charging Cable. Call for details.

Spark Arrester

Both the EU1000i and EU2200i Honda generators are equipped with United States Department of Agriculture qualified spark arresters to help prevent fires and meet National Park operation requirements.

GFCI Protection

Generators featuring ground fault circuit interruption protection, Honda EB2200i generators, are now available on Lentry Lights as of 2016. Please call for details so we know there is interest.

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