The Switch from 2000W to 2200W Honda generators

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Honda has discontinued the popular EU2000i super-quiet series inverter generator and replaced it with a new, more powerful model, the EU2200i. All Lentry Lights models which previously had Honda EU2000i generators* now feature instead the new Honda EU2200i.

All Lentry Light Systems shown with 2000-watt generators now come with 2200W generators

All formerly-2000-watt Lentry Lights now have THIS generator instead,
the Honda EU2200i, even if the photos still show the 2000-watt generator.

Many Lentry Light Systems may still be shown in images with 2000-watt generators but they now come with 2200W generators. The photos will be updated in time. The upgrade affects every Lentry Light Model with a model number that begins with "2".

Honda EU2000i and Honda EU2200i Generator Specifications

Compare the two generators here. See the differences between the previous Honda EU2000i and new Honda EU2200i specifications.

EU2200i (New!) EU2000i (No longer made)
AC Output 1800W (15A) rated
2200W (18.3A) max
1600W (13.3A) rated
2000W (16.7A) max
Engine Honda GXR120 Honda GX100
Displacement 121 cc 98.5 cc
DC Output 12V, 100W (8.3A) 12V, 96W (8A)
Receptacles 20A 125V Duplex 20A 125V Duplex
Fuel Capacity 0.95 gal (3.8 qt) 0.95 gal (3.8 qt)
Run Time on One Tank of Fuel 3.2 hrs @ rated load
8.1 hrs @ 1/4 load
3.4 hrs @ rated load
8.1 hrs @ 1/4 load
Noise Level 57 dB @ rated load
48 dB @ 1/4 load
59 dB @ rated load
53 dB @ 1/4 load
Warranty 3 years, commercial and residential 3 years, commercial and residential


Everything that has been updated with the new EU2200i generator:

* Or the international equivalents such as the Honda EU20i.

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