Electric versus Gasoline PPV Fans

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Should electric or gas fans be used for ventilation?

The main reason fire fighters choose electric fans over gas is the concern with carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. Gasoline-powered Ventry® Fans do not have the CO problems of other, conventional fans largely due to efficient Ventry Safety Propellers.

During overhaul, there is a way we advocate to ventilate with a gas ppv fan and introduce zero emissions.

James uses e-fan 20EM3550 to cool his house during hot summer nights.

James uses an electric PPV fan to cool his house at night during hot summer months.

That said, for those needing absolutely zero emissions from their PPV without implementing special tactics, electric PPV fans are great. Electric ventilation fans are also much quieter than gas, last longer, and easier to maintain. Without shutting off like most gas fans, they can be aimed in any direction too (straight up into an attic or straight down into a hole, for example).

Benefits of gasoline ppv fans over electrics include price, weight, and much faster setup and ventilation. No cords or external power supplies are needed. An optional light is available on many gas Ventry Fans also. Finally, with gas fans, ventilation is dependent on just the fan, not on multiple pieces of equipment. For aggressive, coordinated fire attack in fire fighting, the complications of running cords and maintaining a separate power supply for an electric fan is detrimental. We would recommend gas for PPA and PPV while electric fans are ideal for overhaul, mop-up and cooling.

At this time, we do not offer an explosion proof electric fan. If you feel this would be worth developing in the future, please send us a note for R&D.

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