Truck-Mount Option for Poles/Lights

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The Truck Mount option lets the telescoping poles and lights from Lentry® Power & Light Systems serve double-duty as portable lighting and truck-mounted lighting. With this option, the telescoping lights can be moved back and forth in seconds between the portable Lentry Light and the vehicle.

Not only does the Truck Mount option work to mount any Lentry Light on the side of a truck, but it also works to mount the lights on a wall, cabinet, trailer, etc.

  • Works with any of the lights offered on Lentry Lighting System
  • Is ideal for use with extra tall “XT” Lentry Lights, but works well with all heights.
  • Holds the light firmly on a wall, cabinet door, or side of a truck for storage or operation.
  • Keeps lights convenient and within easy reach to grab and use with the portable Lentry Lighting System.
  • Inside or outside use.
  • Rugged aluminum and steel construction.
  • Easy, one-person operation.
  • Wall mount for storage and operation
  • Part number: PLTMA

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