Who needs portable scene lighting / job site lighting and for what?

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Lentry lights the evening remodel/construction project

To light his job site, James uses one of the smallest Lentry Lights to complete an evening remodel project (modern equivalent is model 1OPUPS). More photos of our lighting systems in action.

True story. A Fire Department told us that their Lentry Light is perfect for leaving on-scene with their fire marshal for investigations. It quietly lights the whole scene and is small enough that the fire marshal can simply bring it back to the fire department in his car when he is finished. Previously, all the firefighters had to stay on scene until the truck lighting was no longer needed!
Lentry lights a sledding hill (winter sporting event)

Lighting a sledding hill with a Lentry Light.

Lentry gen-light illuminates evening training of the local fire department

Lentry LED model 1STARX lights fire fighters during evening bailout training at our shop.

Nothing makes you safer at night than seeing and being seen!

Lentry® Lights by Ventry Solutions, Inc. are a full line of portable, telescoping lights—also called light towers, generator lights, utility lights, light plants—that provide temporary light to large, remote areas all night. No hassle.

If flashlights are not enough and tow-behind trailer-mounted generator lights are too much, a Lentry Light may be just right!

Invented for fire and rescue applications (emergency scenes, disaster response/relief...), Lentry Lights are now serving as portable, temporary, remote area safety lighting for many industries.

We keep learning of more people who work and play outdoors at night and for whom Lentry Lights extend their hours of operation. Below are just a few of those applications.

Charging the boat battery with a LENTRY System, no light attached.

James and previous employee Ken (both first responders at the time) responded to an emergency call and found the fireboat battery dead! A Lentry Generator with Legs is used to recharge the battery so they were able to respond.

True story. At an expo, a utility customer mentioned to us how helpful it was to them that their Lentry Light was so quiet. They could do their work in residential areas without drawing attention and were able to aim precisely, as needed, so as not to shine light into people’s homes.
Portable lighting along the railroad

James stands next to the tracks at the railroad refueling depot during nighttime light testing. (Each railroad car is 50 feet long.) Click to enlarge in new window.

  • Energy companies and utility crews after storms, for remote maintenance, and for nighttime outages.
  • Large-scale emergency scene lighting (for example triage incidents and mass casualty scenes).
  • Crime scene investigation / Evidence collection (Coroners, sheriffs departments and other law enforcement...).
  • Traffic Safety / Flagger Lighting / MVA Scenes / Highway Scene Safety / Accident Scene Lights - roadside incidents, construction, maintenance crews, and highway projects.
  • Water rescue / swift-water rescue (Lentry Lights are able to be placed on riverbanks, hills and rocks, and under bridges.).
  • Sobriety stops / DUI check point lighting / DWI checkpoints.
  • Boat Check stations.
  • Towing - wreckers / haulers carry one on their truck for evening and nighttime work.
  • Construction crews are able to work into the evening hours during winter (as shown in the photo gallery).
  • Rescue and recovery.
  • Container Yard / Shipping Port / Seaport - Back up lighting in case of power outage.
  • Trench work (and pole work) is often mentioned by customers associated with water supply and treatment, telecommunications and utilities.
  • Airports use our lighting systems during fueling of aircraft, luggage management, passenger boarding and deplaning, runway maintenance, and emergency response.
  • Safety lighting for anyone who works outdoors in the dark.
  • Team sporting practices including tracks, arenas, small fields, etc.
  • Utility companies and road crews also use them (XT height lights are especially well-suited for this application).
  • Cemetery lighting for grave site preparation in the evening/night and quiet but thorough illumination of evening graveside events.
  • Incident Command Post Emergency Power - lighting the communication center and running a few radios.
  • Lentry Systems can light a scene and charge battery-powered suitcase-type lights at the same time, often replacing diesel-powered and gas-powered light towers.
  • Snowmobile and ATV rescue - ambulance crews must sometimes respond far from the main road where light and power are hard to come by.
  • Landing zone lighting (prior to helicopter arrival). Be sure to follow local protocols.
  • Calving light (lightweight 1000W models).
  • Special events outdoors in the evening, winter, early morning.
  • Corn mazes, outdoor Halloween exhibits, other seasonal outdoor events.
  • Hobbies - RC Aircraft enthusiasts use an EU1000i for remote power at airports.
  • Fish traps! Often caught in the dark, fish and wildlife crew use small, portable Lentry units to light the entire area, greatly increasing safety and the ease with which they can finish the job.
  • Medical response tents/trailers - standby at special events use Lentry Lights because power and terrain are unpredictable.
  • Target practice, gun clubs, shooting ranges.
  • Backup and emergency lighting for prisons and public facilities where power continuity and lighting is crucial.
  • Auto salvage lot (Scrap operation involving tearing cars apart; or when searching for parts needed by customers. The user grabs a Lentry Light and heads off across the scrap yard to the right car. Without even removing it from the back of the truck, the Lentry Light turns night into day so the part can be safely and quickly removed.).
  • Homeland security and border patrol.
  • Asset protection and security during outages.
  • Nighttime filming and videography.
  • Lift lighting at ski hills. Emergency lighting during power outage to assist in ski lift / chair lift evacuation.
  • Truck-mounted lighting, thanks to the Receiver Hitch Pole Mount and truck mounting hardware.
  • Concrete pouring and finishing - 2-headed models and those with 2 separate telescoping lights can light up two nearby operations simultaneously.
  • Power and light to unwired barns and outbuildings.
  • Track and field - A runners club uses a 2-Headed model to illuminate their track during events and evening training.
  • Arenas - A therapeutic riding center lights their arena with 1STARX so as to extend the hours of operation during short winter months (pictures shown here).
  • Boating - waterfront, dockside, at sea.

Look for Lentry Power and Light Systems in use by your local fire department, law enforcement offices, DOTs, public utilities, airports, port authorities, hospitals, prisons, military personnel, disaster services, emergency response, towing companies, investigators, journalists, railroad companies, contractors, maintenance crews, schools, film crews, cemeteries, anyone involved in public safety, and more...

Your work has enough risks. Make sure you can see.

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