Are the fan’s legs bent or damaged?

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By design, VENTRY Fans are not symmetrical. 

The short answer is: Yes! The legs on every Ventry Fan are bent—curved is the better word—by design.

On purpose, the fans are not symmetrical. The asymmetrical leg/frame configuration means that they are engineered to handle the complex, powerful thrust produced by the motor and the propeller—without walking or rotating.

That said, customers often call with concerns that their fan may have been damaged in shipping. That is possible (despite our best efforts at packaging) and we have goofed before and put the wrong leg on a fan...

There is a simple test to tell if the legs are correctly curved or bent due to damage: Retract the legs and set a board on top. The board should touch the tops of all three legs and be parallel to the ground, as shown below.

If in doubt, give us a call!

By design, VENTRY Fans are not symmetrical.

Ventry Fans are purposefully not symmetrical.

The board should rest on all three legs and be parallel to the ground.

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