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Four of the leading PPV Fans

All Positive Pressure Ventilation Fans (PPVs) Manufacturers

For those comparing and shopping for PPV fans, here are links to all known PPV Fan / Fire Fan / Ventilation Blower manufacturers’ websites. It is so important to compare both the fans and the companies who make them carefully before choosing safety equipment as important as PPV. All fans are NOT created equal!

Before you buy, it makes sense to start with the published materials, however, these can be misleading (see below*). If at all possible, please do side-by-side comparisons. Ventry Solutions, Inc will arrange free trials and demos for you! Whichever fan you ultimately choose should last decades; don’t suffer with sub-par safety equipment.

During PPV testing by Fairfax County, a Ventry Fan stands out from the pack as the only PPV with legs to lift it up and aim. Photo courtesy QDCIP Fire and Fairfax County Fire
A Ventry PPV Fan stands out from the pack, being the only PPV Fan with legs to lift it up and aim. Photo courtesy QDCIP Fire, LLC during testing by Fairfax County (VA)

These links should open in new windows. In alphabetical order:

*2 Warnings when shopping

When comparing fans, there are two things you need to know to avoid being misinformed on PPV Fans.

  1. CFM values are measured differently by all manufacturers so comparing them is largely meaningless. In-person testing is best.
  2. Several fan manufacturers are using old, inflated, pre-2007 horsepower values, making it hard to tell if you are comparing apples to apples. Motor horsepower ratings changed in 2007.

Third Party Test Results

Our existing customers often share their test results, including firefighters in Poland who compared 7 leading ppv fans available world-wide.

Thank you for doing your research!

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