Where to find serial numbers

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Should you ever contact us for upgrades, parts, or you simply have questions regarding your Ventry® Fans and/or Lentry® Portable Lights, the first question we will ask you is for the product's serial number. These numbers will tell us everything we need to know about the product, so we can get straight to answering your questions. Serial numbers are also needed for when you register your Ventry Fans and/or Lentry Lighting Systems with us. This page explains where to find identification numbers for both.

Ref A and B - gas fan serial numbers

Fans, Gasoline and Propane

(A) The Fan Number is a 3- or 4-digit number stamped into the engine block, near the oil drain plug. Example: 4567

(B) The Motor Serial Number is five letters, a dash, and seven numbers stamped into the engine just above the oil drain plug. Example: GCAGT-1234567

Ref C, D and E - electric fan serial numbers

Fans, Electric

(C) The Fan Number is 3- or 4-digits on a black label with white numbers, stuck to the black frame below the drive. Example: 4567

(D) The Motor Serial Number is found on a plaque, next to the letters “S/N”. It is 11 digits, beginning with “W”. Example W0909101451

(E) The Controller Serial Number is on a label on the side of the controller. It is the 11 digits underneath the barcode. Example: 55145700004

Ref C and D - electric fan serial numbers

Generators / Lentry Frames / Lights

(G) The Generator Serial Number is on the side of the generator, near the bottom, on a sticker. It generally starts with four letters followed by 7 numbers. Example: EZGA-1234567

(H) The Lentry® Light System Frame Number is on a black sticker with white lettering found underneath the generator, centered on the frame. It includes the letter "L" followed by three or more numbers. Example: L345

(I) The Light Number on all Lentry Systems is on a black sticker with white numbers, located where the light head connects to the pole. Example: 2345

Serial number locations on Lentry light heads

Serial number locations on Lentry Light System generator and frame

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