Lentry Light Model 2TWSPX-C

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Interim data sheet for 2TWSPX-C, the 2-Headed LED Light Plant (pdf)

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2-Headed LED Light Plant with Case

This Two-Headed LED Lentry® System (also called a Light Tower, Jobsite Light, or Scene Light depending on the user’s field) lights large areas so well it’s like having the sun in your tool box. Deployed in seconds, model 2TWSPX-C turns night into day, helps you see and be seen for safety, and frees you to focus on the task at hand. It dramatically increases safety by brightly lighting large areas quickly and easily, despite unpredictable, less-than-ideal terrain and conditions.

With two high-output extra tall “XT” V-Spec LEDs, it is among the brightest of our light plants/towers. It illuminates with 56,000 lumens of light (which may be aimed in multiple directions at once for nearly 360 degrees of light), power left over for other tools, extra tall height for the widest range of light, and run time over 7 hours on a single tank of gas. The consolidated pole and cord reduce storage and transport needs and leave an outlet free for other tools.

2TWSPX-C (formerly model number 2TWSPX) comes with the military-grade, lifetime-guaranteed V-Spec Case C3422 to hold the 2-Headed LED light head.

This case is invaluable for holding, protecting, and preserving the 2-Headed V-Spec Light head when not in use. Quick-release hardware, for easy separation of the light from the pole, is also included with 2TWSPX-C.

A similar Lentry Scene Light to consider is 2TWHDX, which has a two-headed halogen light.

ALL-TERRAIN LEGS. Outward curving legs of solid aircraft-grade aluminum each have an easy-to-grab locking knob for fast, secure adjustment. Legs lift, level and protect the generator. They add great versatility by allowing a stable, rock-solid stance nearly anywhere. With legs, this light system overcomes common obstacles like tall grass, snow, steep hills, standing water, and debris without pause.

SUPER-QUIET 2000W HONDA EU2000i GENERATOR. 1600W continuous power. Quiet operation. Lightweight and compact, with top carrying handle. Fuel efficient, with long run times and low emissions. Computer-safe, reliable power generation. Eco-Throttle®, simultaneous AC/DC use, and parallel operation are among this generator’s benefits. Low-oil shut off protected.

2-HEADED V-SPEC LED LIGHT. This light head has two V-Spec LED heads on a single telescoping pole, giving you the functionality and versatility of dual lights with a single cord and single pole. This leaves one outlet on the generator free for other tools. Each of the two heads has its own on/off switch. Aim the lights in opposite directions for twice the distance using only 672W total. Each light head pivots forward and back more than 180 degrees total and rotates 450 degrees.

LED CASE C3422. Rugged, waterproof case meets US Military standards for protection against air, water, theft, and impact. Special polyethylene closed-cell foam inside is custom-cut and energy-absorbing; it cushions the 2-Headed V-Spec LED light head, keeps it from shifting, makes loading easy, and will not disintegrate with sun or water. In all aspects—from the latches and handles to the gasketed enclosure—the case is heavy duty and made to last.

QUICK RELEASE. Optional on other models, the Quick Release is included on this model. It allows the light head to attach to or release from the extra tall pole easily.

XT HEIGHT (eXtra Tall). With legs and the pole totally retracted, model 2TWSPX-C is still tall. The light can be used at this height or at any higher point all the way up to 8-9 feet, which it reaches with the legs and light fully extended. This is the most popular height because of its ability to beam from a wide variety of elevations: Eye level with legs extended or, with legs and pole extended, approximately 8.5 to 9 feet high. If elevation isn’t needed, simply leave the light down.

WARRANTIES. Backed by 1- and 5-year respective warranties on the generator and light head, lifetime warranty on the case, our overall 5-year “No BS” warranty on workmanship and materials, and Lifetime Factory Support.

Model LENTRY Model 2TWSPX-C by Ventry Solutions, Inc.
(Formerly model number 2TWSPX)
Patent US D684,309
Generator Honda EU2000i
Generator Output AC 120V 2000W max. (16.7A) 1600W rated (13.3A)
"Rated" means the power the generator can supply continuously to run lights and other tools; “Max” wattage is available for short bursts.
Number of Telescoping Lights 2 lights on 1 pole
Light Head 2-Headed V-Spec LED
Light Input 120V 336W (2.8A) each, 672W total
Light Output 28,000 lumens each; 56,000 lumens total
Receptacles 20A 125V Duplex, NEMA 5-20P
Generator Output DC 12V 96W (8A)
Fuel Capacity 0.95 gallons (3.8 quarts)
Run Times per Tankful (approximate) 3.4 hours @ rated load (1600W)
8.1 hours @ 1/4 rated load (400W)
7.0 hours with both V-Spec LED lights on (672W total)
Light Certifications CE
Case V-Spec Case C3422
Holds the V-Spec LED head
Includes 4 handles, 5 padlock spots, and 7 latches
Generator with Legs Retracted
(H x W x D)
21 x 14.75 x 27.25 inches
2-Headed V-Spec LED Light Head
(H x W x D)
17.75 x 29.5 x 5.75 inches
XT Height Pole 44 inches, retracted
Case 22 x 33.5 x 13 inches
Generator and Legs Portion (dry) 58 lbs
2-Headed V-Spec LED Light Head and XT Pole 26.5 lbs
Case 29.5 lbs empty
Fuel and Oil add… 6.75 lbs
Generator 3 year commercial
2-Headed V-Spec LED Light Head 5 years
Case Lifetime
All Other Components 5 years workmanship and materials + Lifetime Factory Support
Country of Origin USA. LENTRY Systems are manufactured in Hauser, Idaho USA. Honda generators are not made in the USA but make up less than 50% of their value.
Downloads (PDFs) Lentry 2-Headed LED Light 2TWSPX-C bid specs
Lentry 2TWSPX-C sales flyer
V-Spec Cases flyer
Specifications for all models on one sheet

Out of all available Accessories, any of these may be added to model 2TWSPX-C.

QUICK RELEASE. Included on this model. This hardware allows for quick connect and disconnect of the light head from the pole.

V-SPEC CASE UPGRADE TO C5022. Case C2318, which holds the 2-Headed LED, is included with this model. This larger case, Case C5022, is available as an upgrade. Case C5022 holds the 2-Headed LED and the long, XT-height pole. Please contact VSI or your Dealer for more information.

TRUCK MOUNT. Alternate mounting option which holds the telescoping light and pole firmly to a wall, cabinet door, or side of truck. The light can then serve as both portable and truck-mounted lighting increasing value and function.

TACHOMETER. Digital display shows RPM and total hours on the generator. Helpful for performance report, diagnostics, and maintenance.

This video was taken during a slow fire/rescue expo using a smart phone; please forgive the amateur video and sound! Note: the pole is retracted, not extended, in this video.


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