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Detailed on this page are the three halogens from which to choose on portable Lentry Scene Lights:

  1. Optup halogen
  2. 2-Headed Optup halogen
  3. Panorama halogen

Side-by-Side Specs

Optup halogen light head closeup view Optup 2-Headed Optup halogen light head, close-up view 2-Headed Optup
Panorama halogen light head, close-up viewPanorama
Output 19,600 lumens 39,200 lumens 35,000 lumens
Watts and amperage 750W, 6.3A 1500W, 12.5A 1500W, 12.5A
Dimensions (HxWxD)
- head only, no pole
13 x 8.75 x 6.5" 15.75 x 21.75 x 6.5" 20 x 16.75 x 6.75"
6.5 lbs 16 lbs 10 lbs
Certifications CE and ETL CE and ETL UL and CE
Warranty 2 years 2 years 5 years

Optup Halogen

View portable lighting with 750W Halogens in the catalog

Optup light head, close-up view

The Optup halogen light is impressive. It is described as having a lamphead of “super-efficient design to offer a maximum transfer of light from bulb to scene.” The reflector uses a “uniquely designed, vacuum deposit, polished reflector and two optimizing mirrors to maximize light emission” and it produces a uniform beam that lights up an area 100 degrees vertically by 150 degrees horizontally. It also has a specially designed light head with a “curved lens and ‘head down’ shape which puts more light on the scene without the need for an increase in power.”

What this means based on our observations is that the shape of this housing reflects/aims most of the light from the high output bulb straight forward and down onto the scene and work surface.

Both this halogen and the 2-Headed Optup below utilize very efficient 750 watt bulbs which emit 19,600 lumens each.

The 2000 watt generators can run two Optup lights simultaneously.

Lentry Light models with Optup Halogens
1000 watt Generator
Single light
Standard height 1OPUPS
XT height 1OPUPX
2000 watt Generator
Single light Dual Lights
Standard height 2OPUPS 2OPUPSS
Hi-Lite height (flagger lighting) 2OPUPH

2-Headed Optup Halogen


Quick release is included on the 2-Headed Optup light head

2-headed halogen aiming in different directions

The 2-Headed Optup light has two of high output 750 watt Optup halogens on a single telescoping pole. It gives you the function and versatility of dual lights with a single cord and a single pole. One outlet on the generator remains free for use.

Each light outputs 19,600 lumens and draws 750W so with both lights on at once, you get 39,200 lumens using just 1500 watts.

Separately, each light rotates more than 400 degrees, and each one pivots up and down for maximum flexibility in aiming.

On/Off switches are on each light head. There is a single cord so only one outlet on the generator is used for the lights.

The 2-Headed Optup light is available only on Lentry Light System, model 2TWHDX, which has the biggest generator and is XT height.

Panorama Halogen

Panorama halogen image 1

Panorama halogen image 2

Panorama halogen image 3

At 35,000 lumens, the 1500-watt Panorama Light is the brightest single light available with Lentry emergency lighting units. It is also the most economical! If you are on a budget but not lacking in storage space, all you need is light and lots of it, the 1500W is a great choice.

The output of the Panorama light will surprise you! It is very bright and has a particularly wide field compared to the other light heads.

It is available on two models shown of portable Lentry Lights: standard height model 2WIDES and extra tall model 2WIDEX.

Standard height Panorama Lentry System 2WIDES

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