Lighting Solution for Night Crews & Construction

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Imagine this job site at night...

Night time repair and construction projects (including water and utility line repair, trench work, roadwork, roofing and construction projects like this) need LENTRY LIGHTING.

At night, this site would need a light! Below, James installing siding by the light of a halogen Lentry Light.

Construction project lit by portable Lentry Light

Sara’s fiancé Mike sent the above picture to us a couple years ago, showing that a water main had broken outside his old apartment and a crew from the city water department was working on its repair.

It reminded us of construction crews we had just heard about who work on school roofs and do many other outdoor maintenance projects only at night.

We looked at these pictures and asked, 'Do water lines break at night?'

Yes, unfortunately.

Would a Lentry® Portable Light System be wildly helpful and make their job easier?

Yes, it sure would!

A video is worth a thousand words, so...

With a Lentry® Light on site, a broken water main or other night time project is completed much easier, safer, and faster. These crews already deal with severe weather, freezing temperatures, difficult terrain, traffic safety, and other obstacles. Lighting is something they can control and a portable Lentry® Light is a very valuable tool.

If you know anyone who works on roads, water supply lines, communications, power, other utilities—anyone who works at night on unpredictable projects—please let them know about our all-terrain, portable lighting systems.

Your work has enough risks. Make sure you can see.

See more photos here. See more videos here.

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