Portable Lighting Systems are a great safety tool for Linemen and Public Works

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animation showing the legs and telescoping light of portable LED light model 1SPECX

Lentry® Lights are all-terrain, portable, large area light plants, used by linemen and others in public works to improve safety. Whether working on a pole or down in a trench, these lights—with legs and highly efficient telescoping lights—help you SEE and BE SEEN.

Lentry Light Towers make your job easier and safer when you are using any tool. Any model—just one unit!—will replace multiple work lights and need no cords to run or batteries to charge. They are a better option for many clients in public works and infrastructure—better in output, convenience, speed, lifespan and cost—than many trailer-mounted, diesel-powered light plants.

While there are many advantages in general, here are benefits of Lentry Work Lights specific to those in utilities, public works, disaster recovery and related fields:

    • Instant on / instant off (no cool-down period);
    • Infinitely aim-able; aim them high on a pole or low in a trench (our 2-Headed V-Spec LED models can do both at once);
    • Light large areas, not just small work spaces (See photos here);
    • Easy to stow, carry and set up;
    • Easy to carry short distances and to remote locations via ATV;
    • Stable, solid stance on nearly any terrain (steep ditches, standing water, snowbanks...);
    • Appropriate for use outside during inclement weather;
    • Available in multiple heights;
    • Made in the USA;
    • LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours (15 years of night work!); and
    • They are rugged, high quality investments that will last decades.

Lentry Lights are similar to generator-light-kits in portability and convenience but are closer to trailer-mounted light towers in their brightness / output. Read more.

What are your specific lighting needs and priorities? Whether lumens, portability, storage space, run time, budget or other, there is a Lentry Light model to meet your needs. Compare specs here.

Have questions and need answers quick? Call VSI direct at 888-257-8967.

Your work has enough risks. Make sure you can see.

Click to enlarge. Linemen who do pole or trenchwork will find this light will make the job easier and safer. Courtesy KB Trade GmbH. Before and after photos, courtesy KB Trade... Click for more.

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