Can I convert my Honda generator into a portable lighting system?

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“I already have a Honda generator but want a complete Lentry System. Do Lentry Lights retrofit?”
Answer: Yes!
Make your generator into a portable light system!

I already have a Honda EU1000i or EU2000i or EU2200i generator...

  • Can I add the legs? Yes!
  • Can I convert my generator into a Lentry Light System? Yes!
  • Do I have to buy the generator? No (and you might save money)!

Lentry Systems (and Lentry Legs, if that is all you want) retrofit to existing Honda EU1000i, EU2000i, and EU2200i generators and their international equivalents (models 10i, 20i and others).

If you already have one of these fine generators—Honda EU1000i, EU2000i, or EU2200i—just order the Lentry Light model you want without the generator. Specify “no generator” when getting prices and/or placing your order.

What if I have a different light already?

Contact us if you have a different generator or generator-light-kit. Lentry Legs will fit some existing generator-lights and work with many fixed light kits.

Purchase a generator locally

Adding your own generator is one way you might save money on a Lentry Generator & Light System, at least on shipping. You can purchase the generator from your local Honda dealer and order the rest of the Lentry Light through one of our Dealers. Lentry Legs bolt on to the generator easily, and the process requires few tools or mechanical ability. Light heads, telescoping poles and all other parts/pieces of Lentry Systems are unique to them except the generators.

Purchasing everything except the generator through our official Dealers and adding your own generator is what we recommend to our international customers (Yes, we happily work with customers outside the United States and Canada).

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